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Game Makers

A podcast focusing on the Finnish gaming industry. Each episode is loaded with learnings and mistakes in the rough path of gaming entrepreneurship. Follow us on twitter @podcastGM. Contact info:

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Yhteensä 9 jaksoa, joista ensimmäinen julkaistu 6.12.2016.

Episode 9: Ilari Kuittinen, The Oldest Gaming CEO in Finland

Julkaistu 9.8.2017

Ilari is not old, he's super young actually. But he has been running Housemarque for 22 years, quite an achievement! They pride themselves to be the oldest gaming company in Finland, as they were founded a few months before Remedy, and were pioneers in founding what is now a thriving industry of more than 2700 people. In this episode we chat about the early days of the Finnish gaming industry when there was only about 20 passionate young guys making Amiga games, about how Housemarque found its identity making incredible experiences for selected platforms and about the tough times as well (YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE TOUGH TALK!).
Hope you love it, and you forgive me for not posting for 3 months!

Episode 8: Samuli Syvähuoko and the real meaning of Sisu

Julkaistu 5.5.2017

Samuli has been an entrepreneur in gaming his whole life. He co-founded Remedy at only 21 years old in his parent's garage in Espoo. After a few unsuccessful and very successful ventures, he is now at his fifth company "Armada Interactive" and they are up to something HUGE (Check it out here He is also a Co-Founder at "Sisu Game Ventures" an advisory and investment company focused 100% on games. The Finnish word "Sisu" roughly translates as "strength of will" and is an important concept in Finland and Samuli represents it without a doubt. In this episode, he shares with us his many war stories and learnings of his entrepreneurship career.

Episode 7: Alejandro Gonzalez on building an ambitious games company in Colombia

Julkaistu 16.3.2017

During my visit to Colombia I met up with Alejandro Gonzalez, CEO of Brainz. In Colombia the gaming industry is fairly small, and the country is isolated from the tech world so building an ambitious mobile games company like Brainz is quite challenging to say the least. We chatted about the present and future of the Latin American gaming scene, about the importance of the network and how to build it from scratch, and mainly about the passion of designing a gaming world that conects with who you really are.

Episode 6: Ari Pulkkinen, the mastermind behind the Angry Birds’ theme song

Julkaistu 2.3.2017

Ari Pulkkinen is such a fun and unusual person, next to which you could never get bored. He has made some of the most amazing themes for games such as Angry Birds, Resogun, The Walking Dead: No Man's land, Trine and one of his compositions was even reinterpreted by Apocalyptica (watch the video here). In this episode full of game songs we talk about the inspiration behind the Angry Birds theme, the challenges of making songs for games and the creative processes behind. Plus, you'll get to listen to some of his compositions as a bonus! Hope you have as much fun as I did.

Episode 5: Samuli Snellman, “empathy is everything”.

Julkaistu 13.2.2017

Samuli Snellman is a game artist with over 10 years experience from companies such as Crytek, Wooga and Rovio. In this hangout we chat about the role of empathy and of the art director in gaming companies and we talk about cultural differences as a Finn in Germany.

Episode 4: Jari Pauna, if you see an opportunity, take it quickly.

Julkaistu 3.2.2017

Jari is the CEO of Motorious Entertainment, a Finnish game company combining media empires and games. He has extensive experience in publishing, worked for many years at Top Gear and will be launching together with the Motorious team the official BBC Top Gear game during this year. I rarely have guests who know so much about cars so I took the chance to ask him a few questions about cars, rally drivers and Finland. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 3: Antti Kolehmainen: coffee, beards and an indie hit.

Julkaistu 19.12.2016

Antti is the Co-Founder of Parta Games an indie company based somewhere in a small city in the middle of Finland. We chat about the difficulties of publishing an indie game without any UA, about waking up every day inlove with your job and about not giving up with an unsuccesful first game.

Episode 2: Lauri Järvilehto “impossible is nothing”

Julkaistu 6.12.2016

Lauri is the CEO of Lightneer and a doctor in philosophy. In this episode we chat about the role of intuition, the philosophy that lies in gaming and how Lightneer plans to change the world by combining learning and fun.

Episode 1: Tuomas Erikoinen and the magic formula

Julkaistu 6.12.2016

Tuomas Erikoinen is a self made game artist, programmer and entrepreneur. He worked for Rovio for several years, co-founded Boomlagoon and now runs solo at Part Time Monkey. In this interview packed with knowledge we discussed the difficulties of starting a game company, of leading people and Tuomas unveils the secret to succesful UA.

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