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Helsinki Design Week Podcast

Helsinki Design Week Podcast is for design professionals and lovers of good design, and anyone interested in how creators and decision makers think and work. It's also for people who love cities and urban life. The whole world seems to be moving into cities. Where are the most fantastic new things happening and how can this development be designed and managed for the benefit of mankind? The podcast is taped in the often chillingly cool Helsinki but it is at home in all the great towns of the world. Our guests usually have a connection to Helsinki Design Week, but more importantly, they have thought and done things that are shaking the design community. And we think it is time they shared it with you.

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Yhteensä 8 jaksoa, joista ensimmäinen julkaistu 23.8.2017.

Episode 8: Marko Ahtisaari, CEO of The Sync Project & Nadya Peek, researcher at MIT

Julkaistu 11.10.2017

Nadya Peek is a leading researcher on digital fabrication. She is working towards a world where manufacturing is as accessible to individuals as computing is today. Marko Ahtisaari is the CEO and co-founder of The Sync Project that is developing music as precision medicine. Previously he worked as the head of design at Nokia. Although personal digital fabrication is not yet accessible for the common people as such, are we on the verge of a revolution? What is the role of human design in it?

Episode 7: Sonja Heikkilä, Project Director at OP Financial Group & Ian Sacs, Project Manager at Ramboll

Julkaistu 4.10.2017

Sonja Heikkilä is a traffic engineer and a pioneer of Mobility as a Service thinking. Her groundbreaking work on Mobility as a Service has been featured in Business insider, Bloomberg and Fast Company among others. Ian Sacs works as a traffic consultant at Ramboll in Helsinki, Finland. In this episode Sonja and Ian discuss how we are moving from transport as a service to mobility as a service. What is the role of private cars in the future? And what is the menu of mobility?

Episode 6: Zeynep Falay von Flittner, Head of Design at Hellon

Julkaistu 27.9.2017

Zeynep Falay von Flittner is a service designer. She has worked with clients like Nokia, Telia, Danske Bank and the City of Helsinki implementing human-centric thinking and design. Currently she is working at Hellon as the Head of design. In this podcast Zeynep shares her thoughts on how to use machine learning and AI to best effect in the future, why it would be important to think more about the role of technology in solving long term problems, and what is transition design.

Episode 5: Winy Maas, professor and co-founder of MVRDV

Julkaistu 20.9.2017

Winy Maas is an architect, urban planner, landscape architect and one of the three founding partners of globally operating architecture firm MVRDV. Maas is also a professor at the Technical University of Delft where he runs The Why Factory: a post-graduate research institute for the future city. In this episode Maas tells us about the importance of research in the work of MVRDV. How do data and creativity interplay? And can urbanism offer help in solving problems such as social injustice and inequality?

Episode 4: Laura Aalto, CEO of Helsinki Marketing

Julkaistu 13.9.2017

Laura Aalto is the recently appointed CEO of Helsinki Marketing. She has worked for cultural design and marketing organizations in urban context for years. Currently the City of Helsinki is renewing its marketing effort and has high hopes for the future. How does City of Helsinki try to get citizens involved in co-designing the city? Laura also tells us why design is an exceptional tool to recreate the city, how is design in the very core of marketing Helsinki.

Episode 3: Kari Korkman, founder of Helsinki Design Week

Julkaistu 6.9.2017

Kari Korkman is the man behind Helsinki Design Week. He is the founder and the CEO of the organization that produces the event and also the president of the recently founded World Design Weeks Network. Kari tells us the story behind Helsinki Design Week: how it evolved from an one-off exhibition to a ten-day celebration of good design. What he means by saying that the residents are taking over the city and are there similarities between captaining a sailboat and leading the Helsinki Design Week.

Episode 2: Saku Tuominen, founder and CEO of HundrED

Julkaistu 30.8.2017

On his webpage, Saku Tuominen describes himself as ”entrepreneur, innovator, creative director, executive producer, author, keynote speaker, curator, olive oil producer, right wing in ice-hockey. I dream and I do”. For Saku, bold ideas, clarity of thinking and brilliant execution make great design. He has a great passion for new ideas and creating something wonderful. How to take the first steps from a great idea to the execution and how to avoid the risk of procrastinating.?

Episode 1: Linda Liukas, programmer, programming coach, speaker and author of Hello Ruby

Julkaistu 23.8.2017

Linda Liukas is the founder of the international Rails Girls community for girls and women who want to learn coding, the author of best-selling children’s book Hello Ruby and last spring she attended the TED conference Residency program and also won the largest design prize in China, the DIA Gold award. Linda’s task is to increase the number of creators in the world by democratizing programming. Why learning coding is so important, and what is the role of programming in designing the future?

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