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All Points North

The All Points North podcast has everything you need to know about the news in Finland this week. All Points North is produced by Yle News, a unit of the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

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Yhteensä 60 jaksoa, joista ensimmäinen julkaistu 9.2.2018.

All Points North: Gambling with addiction -- does Finland have a problem?

Julkaistu 19.9.2019

Brexit: The unknown unknowns

Julkaistu 12.9.2019

Obstacles for international students in Finland - and other useful info

Julkaistu 6.9.2019

All Points North: The "Famous Five" begin their four-year government adventure

Julkaistu 6.6.2019

Entrepreneurship in Finland - what you should know before taking the plunge

Julkaistu 31.5.2019

Europarliament election - what's at stake for voters in Finland?

Julkaistu 24.5.2019

All Points North: Women in Finland's military - voluntary, obligatory or not at all?

Julkaistu 17.5.2019

How equitable is Finland's higher education system, anyway?

Julkaistu 10.5.2019

Talk is cheap, especially in politics -- or is it?

Julkaistu 3.5.2019

Philippine nurses in Finland - swallowing a bitter pill

Julkaistu 26.4.2019

Finland veers left -- and right: Finding consensus after a divisive election

Julkaistu 17.4.2019

The Social Democratic Party -- election victory in sight?

Julkaistu 12.4.2019

Yle News Debate 2019 - All Points North special edition

Julkaistu 10.4.2019

The National Coalition Party -- power under pressure

Julkaistu 5.4.2019

The Centre Party and the burden of office

Julkaistu 29.3.2019

On the brink of a breakthrough? The Greens

Julkaistu 22.3.2019

Election dark horse? The Finns Party

Julkaistu 15.3.2019

The surprise government collapse and a look at the Left Alliance

Julkaistu 8.3.2019

Stuck in a rut? The Swedish People's Party

Julkaistu 1.3.2019

Breakaway Blue Reform - Life after the Finns Party with Sini Korpinen

Julkaistu 22.2.2019

The Christian Democrats' crusade to safeguard family values with Sini Korpinen and Sam Kingsley

Julkaistu 15.2.2019

Breaking into the Finnish job market with Taina Susiluoto and Eve Kyntäjä

Julkaistu 8.2.2019

Top 5 reasons Finland loves lists with Peter Vesterbacka and Frank Martela

Julkaistu 1.2.2019

Much ado about Brexit with Ilkka Salmi and Tim Bird

Julkaistu 25.1.2019

Child sex abuse allegations in Finnish media

Julkaistu 18.1.2019

Poverty in Finland with Eeva-Maria Grekula, Liisa Heinämäki and Jiri Sironen

Julkaistu 11.1.2019

Jobs, workers' rights, discrimination - and Trump: APN 2018

Julkaistu 21.12.2018

Finland's measles scare with virologist Mia Kontio

Julkaistu 14.12.2018

Money or kids with Osmo Kontula and Safa Ali

Julkaistu 30.11.2018

Marjukka Turunen and Risto E.J. Penttilä assess Finland's basic income trial

Julkaistu 23.11.2018

Tiina Ristikari and Elina Marjamäki on young people's mental health

Julkaistu 16.11.2018

Henna Huttu and Sam Kingsley on Roma portrayals in Finnish media

Julkaistu 9.11.2018

Outi Haanperä and Hanna Aho talk Finland's climate strategies and their implications for ordinary people

Julkaistu 12.10.2018

Ville-Veikko Pulkka evaluates the state of workers' rights in Finland

Julkaistu 5.10.2018

Allyana Thomas makes the case for fast-tracking integration in Swedish

Julkaistu 28.9.2018

Steve El-Sharawy takes us on a guided tour of the underbelly of social media

Julkaistu 21.9.2018

Kaisu Keisala-Kaseja and Edem Agbekey-Taylor talk migrants and entrepreneurship in Finland

Julkaistu 14.9.2018

Tuomas Enbuske has opinions about empathy in Finland, politicians' silly season and how to be bored

Julkaistu 7.9.2018

Michaela Moua on PoC haircare in Finland, the veneer of Finnish honesty, and coping with isolation

Julkaistu 31.8.2018

James MacDonlad talks about life as a transgender person, limits of civil disobedience, a tarnished hero and bad dogs

Julkaistu 24.8.2018

Teivo Teivainen talks presidential powers, foreign minister's abortion views, jobs and living in Helsinki

Julkaistu 17.8.2018

Trump-Putin summit special

Julkaistu 17.7.2018

Lauren Stevens talks about marriage equality, LGBT rights and Helsinki Pride

Julkaistu 15.6.2018

Toivo Haimi explains everything you (n)ever wanted to know about Finnish politics

Julkaistu 8.6.2018

Carmen Baltzar on racism faced by Romani people, Veikkaus and betting

Julkaistu 1.6.2018

Susanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo unpacks new data privacy rules and its impact on individuals and small organisations

Julkaistu 25.5.2018

Anu Koivunen, the #metoo campaign and trail running in the forests

Julkaistu 18.5.2018

All Points North: Mikko Kiesiläinen talks higher education, liberalism, Finland's EU membership and plagiarism

Julkaistu 11.5.2018

All Points North

Julkaistu 4.5.2018

All Points North

Julkaistu 27.4.2018

All Points North

Julkaistu 20.4.2018

All Points North

Julkaistu 13.4.2018

All Points North: Matti Apunen, Pamela Spokes, the controversial 'activation model' and Veikkausliiga

Julkaistu 6.4.2018

All Points North

Julkaistu 23.3.2018

All Points North

Julkaistu 16.3.2018

All Points North

Julkaistu 9.3.2018

All Points North

Julkaistu 2.3.2018

All Points North

Julkaistu 23.2.2018

All Points North

Julkaistu 16.2.2018

All Points North

Julkaistu 9.2.2018

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