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StartTalk – a podcast about entrepreneurship, students and startups in Finland. Do you want to know what is happening in the Finnish startup scene, are you planning to be an entrepreneur in the future or just interested in startups and the community around it? StartTalk is for you. With every other week StartTalk hosts Iiro Nurmi and Otto Ahoniemi interview and discuss with interesting people from students to experienced entrepreneurs, on a quest to unveil the stories behind success, failures and personal growth.

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Yhteensä 3 jaksoa, joista ensimmäinen julkaistu 14.7.2016.

Episode 09 - Summer of Startups

Julkaistu 13.10.2016

In the ninth episode of StartTalk -podcast, we were joined by three different teams from Summer of Startups, the startup accelerator program from Aaltoes. The teams are Shoutvibe, Lääkärihinta (Doctor Price) and Platonics, find more about them below. Listen to episode, give us a review and remember to tune in for Startup Radio at Radio Helsinki (98,5 Mhz and

Episode 08 - Microsoft Flux

Julkaistu 15.9.2016

StartTalk's hosts have been running Radio Helsinki's Startup Radio lately, and due to the amount of work there we haven't been able to keep up with StartTalk. Luckily there's some episodes ready on the archive and they're going to be released during next weeks. Just a quick note: audio contains couple of bad parts. Microsoft Flux is a Finnish startup community that helps startups succeed by giving them access, among other things, to free network, high tech devices, coaches, networking events, and advisory boards. The fun and experimental culture of Flux will have a clear impact on the success of a startup. We were joined by Annie and Mo, evangelists at Flux, who are running the place on a daily basis. To learn more about Flux, visit

E07 - Antti Virolainen from Sharetribe

Julkaistu 14.7.2016

Antti Virolainen is founding member and COO at sharetribe, which is platform for creating marketplaces. In this episode of StartTalk we discuss why and the adventures on how Antti got involved in this business. Do not miss this episode! Check out Sharetribe at: Antti Virolainen: Anttis Github: StartTalk is part of Aaltoes - Aalto Entrepreneurship Society based in Finland. Check out more at

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