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Witch 'N Bitch

Join your hosts Elena (a casual witch) and Pyry (a casual bitch) on a journey to the history of witchcraft and magickal practise. Every other week one of the hosts shares a report on a witchy subject from the Swedish witchtrials of the 1600s to the sorceresses of Ancient Greece. At the end of each episode Pyry and Elena also share their contemporary magical favorites. ἀσπάζομαι !

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Yhteensä 18 jaksoa, joista ensimmäinen julkaistu 25.11.2019.

MINISODE: Midsummer

Julkaistu 19.6.2020

Get ready, single people, because juhannus/midsommar/Midsummer is here! It's time to go into the nature, swim in a lake naked at midnight and pick seven different flowers to find your future soulmate! FIND US: Twitter Instagram CONTACT US: [email protected]

14: Pärnu witch trials

Julkaistu 6.6.2020

Join Pyry on a journey into the witch trials of Pärnu, Estonia. Unlike other European trials, the ones in Estonia were filled with werewolfes, marshes...and men?! Get ready for way-too-many-names, the earliest example of kink shaming, snitching and Elena's part in the witches' sabbath. Our Bewitching Best: "Don't Go Without Me" by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell and Camilla Vuorenmaa and her exhibition Roses, Black Birds and Witches ( and her work, Medusa (

13: Aradia or the Gospel of Witches

Julkaistu 13.5.2020

This time it's Elena's turn to take us to Italy, as they talk about Charles G. Leland's disputed literary piece about the (Northern) Italian witch tradition, what the book contains and why it's now commonly disputed. Get ready to conjure a magickal lemon, Anti-Catholic sentiments and witches dancing naked in the woods (not really). Our Bewitching Best: "M/T and the Narrative About the Marvels of the Forest" by Kenzaburō Ōe and Steven Rhodes @stevenrhodesart (

12: Seers of Ancient Greece

Julkaistu 28.4.2020

TW: Animal death, mild gore and mentions of sexual abuse Travel back to Ancient Greece as Pyry shares he's research on the divination practices of the time as well as tries to answer the question: where were the female seers? Get ready for Alexander the Great, Pyry the Augur and Elena the Prisoner of Popular Culture. Our Bewitching Best: "The One Hundred Nights of Hero" by Isabel Greenberg and "Finn Family Moomintroll" by Tove Jansson

11: Magic songs and spell poems

Julkaistu 7.4.2020

It's time for Elena's Magnum (Magnus?) Opus, the magical song tradition of the Finnish peoples! Also, get ready for great poem-singers, snobby scholars, the Finnish neighbourly hospitality and Kalevala metre: quite simple and a bit dull. Thank you Salakirjat ( for sponsoring our podcast! You can find the give away on our socials, open until 20/03/2020! Our Bewitching Best: Okra Playground and Witchy by Ariel Slamet Ries.

10: Ancient Potions

Julkaistu 24.3.2020

Pyry takes us back to the ancients and tells us about their potion practice! Get ready for the humoral theory, Moon Torment, punishments from the Gods, Elena's Animal Crossing Corner and the Chillest State of All. Our Bewitching Best: Madeline McGrane, @madmcgrane ( and Felix D'Eon @felixdeon ( FIND US: Twitter Instagram

9: Rumpare-Malin and the witch trials of Stockholm

Julkaistu 10.3.2020

The city of Stockholm has been hit with a witch frenzy! Elena shares the story of a Finnish woman, Malin Matsdotter, and her part in the end of the witch trials in the kingdom of Sweden. Get ready for old women not giving a shit, deadly liars, fat-asses and so, so many oh my god's from Pyry. Our Bewitching Best: "It Cats Disappeared from the World" by Genki Kawamura and "The Master and Margareta" by Mikhail Bulgakov.

MINISODE: Laskiainen

Julkaistu 25.2.2020

Get on your sled and come eat pulla with us, as in this minisode we explore the Finnish midwinter holiday, Laskiainen! FIND US: Twitter Instagram CONTACT US: [email protected]

8: Witches in film

Julkaistu 25.2.2020

Pyry shares with us the history of witches in older films, having seen almost none of them. Episode also includes queer-coded villainesses, 1900s visual effects and a rant about the treatment of Tituba. Our Bewitching Best: Little Witch Academia (watch it on Netflix!) and "Good Girls and Wicked Witches" by Amy M. Davis. FIND US: Twitter Instagram CONTACT US: [email protected]

7: Green Witchcraft

Julkaistu 11.2.2020

In this episode, Elena takes on a trip to their personal craft as a green witch as well as the general and complicated history of green witchcraft. Get ready for rocks, trees, your daily update from the provax community and much more! Recommended podcasts: The Dream and Sawbones Our Bewitching Best: Medeia, an ancient play by Euripides and the Head Lopper comic series by Andrew MacLean FIND US: Twitter Instagram

6: Cats, the Companions of Witches

Julkaistu 29.1.2020

TW: MILD DEPICTIONS OF CRUELTY TOWARDS CATS In this episode, Pyry shares with us the ups and downs of the history of cats and why they're so closely related to witches. There's also talk of Elena's cat probably being Satan, unfortunate pet names and several weird statements from several Popes. Our Bewitching Best: Mia Minerva (@mia.minerva and @drawingclubpodcast) and Loreena McKennitt (The Mummers' Dance: and The Bonny Swans 

5: Blåkulla and Kyöpelinvuori

Julkaistu 14.1.2020

Join us on a journey to a faraway meadow and enter Blåkulla, the Sabbath place of Swedish witches and the house of the Devil. Also, get ready for a feast with a little twist, intense wax play with the Devil, “MIRIAM!” and Elena losing their mind over Gorō Miyazaki. Our Bewitching Best: Ian Worthington or Worthikids and his video, Witches On Tinder ( and The Earthsea Cycle by Ursula K. Le Guin

MINISODE: Molybdomancy

Julkaistu 10.1.2020

CONTENT WARNING: loud firework sounds Recorded on New Year's Eve, Elena kidnaps Pyry from their New Year's party to melt wax and do magic! With a tiny bit of information about molybdomancy (how do you even pronounce it?) scattered around, get ready for Metal Melting: Beeswax Edition, poisonous traditions, dragons, a penis and...a skull?! FIND US: Twitter: Instagram:

4: Ancient Love Magic

Julkaistu 30.12.2019

For this episode Pyry has gathered a report on ancient love magicks of mortals and gods alike! Get ready for Zeus’ fuck-ery, desperate and sexually fustrated men, lesbian love poems for Aphrodite plus Us Finns and the Evilness of Love. Recommendations include Kalevala Jewelry and In Love With A Ghost @lvghstmusic (and their album, Healing) FIND US: Twitter: Instagram: CONTACT US: [email protected]

3: Knitting Witchcraft

Julkaistu 10.12.2019

In this episode Elena shares their passion to all types of crafts, mainly knitting and embroidery, and different types of magical practices and folklore related to them. There's also talk of cursed socks, a Not-Watching-Titanic pact and the winds "tying down". Recommendations include: the "Wicked" novel by Gregory Maguire and the "Wicked" musical/soundtrack, especially the song "No Good Deed" by Idina Menzel and Heikala, a Finnish contemporary artist (Instagram: @heikala and store:

2: Ancient Sorceresses

Julkaistu 26.11.2019

On this episode Pyry shares with us his first report on the sorceresses (or, if that’s too tongue twisty, magical workers) of Ancient Greece. Get ready for potions, Socrates’ magical love triangle and way too many Alexander the Great puns. Recommendations include “Are You Listening?” by Tillie Walden and “The Raven Cycle” series by Maggie Stiefvater. FIND US: Twitter (@witchnbitchpod) Instagram (@witchnbitchpodcast) CONTACT US: [email protected]

1: The beginning of the Swedish witch trials

Julkaistu 26.11.2019

Starting the show, Elena shares the story of Gertrud Svensdotter and the beginning of witchtrials in the mainland Sweden in 1667. Join us for a story full of Swedish names, mad lads, parties with the Devil and karma being a bitch. Recommendations include “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones and “Kiki’s Delivery Service” by Hayao Miyazaki. FIND US: Twitter (@witchnbitchpod) Instagram (@witchnbitchpodcast) CONTACT US: [email protected]

0: Introductions

Julkaistu 25.11.2019

Who are we? Where are we from? What are our pronouns? And what about our credentials on making a history podcast about witchcraft? All these and much more will be answered in this introductions episode! If you’d rather jump right in the show, that’s ok! Start from the episode you think has the most interesting subject and continue from there! But…if you’d like to know why Pyry won’t shut up about Ancient Greece or if Elena isn’t Swedish, why are they obsessed with the Swedish witchtrials?

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