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With Miska

Actor and comedian Miska Kajanus talks with inspiring people who work in the entertainment industry. He finds out how they made it. Or how far they made it.

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Yhteensä 28 jaksoa, joista ensimmäinen julkaistu 6.9.2016.

Episode 28 - Wilhelmiina Lappi (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 11.8.2022

Wilhelmiina Lappi! This episode is in Finnish. Wilhelmiina is a 24-year-old Finnish actor who is currently studying at New York Film Academy in LA. This is a very interesting talk with Wilhelmiina who is in the beginning of her career! This can also be found on YouTube channel With Miska Podcast Episodes. Wilhelmiina and I met at L.A. Finnish Center briefly, and I didn’t even know that she was in town. I was very happy that we are getting more Finnish actors to LA, since there are really not that many of us here. I asked Wilhelmiina to be on the podcast, and her insights are truly unique. She grew up on a farm in Finland, so it has been quite a leap for her to move to LA. During our conversation she shares the whole process how she got herself to LA to study acting. This is a wonderful and very relatable conversation for anyone who wants to make changes in their life to pursue their dreams. Wilhelmiina also tells in great detail how the audition and visa processes were for studying in the States. Wilhelmiina’s links: This episode has been supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland (Taiteen edistämiskeskus). Enjoy!

Episode 27 - Kelton Jones (+ Suzan Jones)

Julkaistu 2.8.2022

Kelton Jones (+ Suzan Jones) A wonderful and very educational talk with filmmaker and actor Kelton Jones. His producing partner and wife Suzan Jones also stops by at the end. This can also be found on YouTube channel: With Miska Podcast Episodes. I met Kelton for the first time when we were working on a commercial together a couple of years ago. I remembered him being very kind and wise man, and I enjoyed spending the day with him. Since then we have reconnected via phone few times, but we haven’t met since. I knew Kelton is an experienced indie filmmaker (among other things), and I wanted him to be on my podcast. This is a wonderful, educational, and very inspirational talk to anyone who is making, or is dreaming of making movies. The advice that Kelton gives is invaluable. And what surprised me the most is the motivational boost he gives on the podcast. And with motivational I mean how he encourages all of us indie artists to make sure that we are getting paid for our work. He also shares how he talks with film investors as he fundraises for his films. He also tells about his upcoming book for which he has interviewed Sean S. Cunningham, the director of the original Friday the 13th. An excellent and inspirational talk! Instagram links: Of the Devil film trailer: Of the Devil film IMDb: Kelton’s previous film Dry Blood: The Devil Down the Street full movie: This episode has been supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland (Taiteen edistämiskeskus). Enjoy!

Episode 26 - Scott Blugrind

Julkaistu 4.7.2022

Scott Blugrind! An exciting talk with a very unique and awesome Electric Guitar Comedian Scott Blugrind! This can also be found on YouTube channel: With Miska Podcast Episodes I saw Scott for the first time when he was the warm-up comic on the reunion of Friends, and there he gave me his guitar pick. Our paths crossed again when he came to L.A. Finnish Center to see Ismo Leikola's stand-up gig which I hosted. Scott is originally from LA, and he has seen lots! We talk about the days when he was hanging out on the Sunset Strip, and how he had his own dream of becoming a rockstar. All this led him to become the warm-up DJ for Friends, where he worked for years. Scott has been a warm-up comic for hundreds of live TV tapings, and worked on several shows with Matt LeBlanc. Now Scott is touring as an Electric Guitar Comic, and he also plays two songs at the end of the episode. Scott performs often at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, so go see him there or anywhere near you! Links: This episode has been supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland (Taiteen edistämiskeskus). Enjoy!

Episode 25 - Suvi Honkanen and Tatu Sinisalo (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 17.6.2022

Suvi and Tatu! This episode is in Finnish. This my third video podcast, and this can also be found on YouTube channel: With Miska Podcast Episodes. It has been such a pleasure having these two wonderful humans in LA for the last few months! I have known Tatu Sinisalo from when we did improv comedy gigs in Finland some years ago. Last year I heard that Tatu was planning to come to LA to see how his career and life opportunities would be here. And now he’s here with his awesome fiancée Suvi Honkanen. I didn’t know Suvi before, but in these last few months we have been able to spend some time together. Suvi is an actor, writer and a retired ballet dancer from the Finnish National Ballet. She has also spent some time in the US before. We talk about Tatu’s approach to acting, and how he creates unique characters, including Toni Wirtanen (Apulanta band) from movie Teit meistä kauniin (Born in Heinola). I actually played a police officer in the film for one day, and I was able to meet Tatu at the shoot. Suvi shares details about her rigorous ballerina training in Russia, and her career at the Finnish National Ballet. Now she writes articles about dance for various publications, and is working on making the dance world much better for everyone. Suvi and Tatu are now in LA, and they are making it happen as a couple. A wonderful talk about how it is to pursue your dreams together with someone you love. Links: This episode has been supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland (Taiteen edistämiskeskus). Enjoy!

Episode 24 - Sara Kay Godot

Julkaistu 12.6.2022

Sara Kay Godot! This my third video podcast, and this can also be found on YouTube channel: With Miska Podcast Episodes. I have known Sara for over 20 years! We went to the same theatre school in Miami, New World School of the Arts. When I started as a freshman she was already a sophomore. We watched all of each other’s college plays, and saw each other every day at school. At one point I was also her roommate for a couple of months. Later we lost touch for few years. But since we both are now in LA, we have been able to reconnect, and we both have performed on each other’s stand-up shows. After college Sara went to Chicago for several years where she did quite a variety of live theatre, but now she’s in LA. She owns a psychology practice with her husband, produces stand-up shows, acts, auditions and also writes. She lives a full life and is fully back in action after taking a break from acting some years ago. A wonderful and warm talk! Sara’s comedy website: Sara’s Instagrams: This episode has been supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland (Taiteen edistämiskeskus). Enjoy!

Episode 23 - Kristen Lundberg

Julkaistu 5.6.2022

Kristen Lundberg! This my second video podcast, and this can also be found on YouTube channel: With Miska Podcast Episodes. A wonderful and honest talk with Kristen. I visited her place, and we talked in her yard. Kristen has made some big life changes, and this became a very interesting and wide-ranging talk in which Kristen tells about her life in Ohio, and how she worked as a toy sculptor, and later transitioned into an ice sculptor in LA. I was prepared to talk about stand-up comedy and playing violin (which she does), but lately Kristen has been having doubts about her future as a stand-up, and she talks very openly about this. She has changed her path in life, and wants to concentrate on other things, like dramatic acting and ensemble work. This is a wonderful discussion on how life can change its course, and how you need to embrace the change when it comes. Kristen’s website with all sorts of awesome stuff: This episode has been supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland (Taiteen edistämiskeskus). Enjoy!

Episode 22 - Nina Sallinen (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 16.5.2022

Nina! This episode is in Finnish. This my first video podcast, and this can also be found on YouTube channel With Miska Podcast Episodes. Nina is a good friend of mine, and I have known her for years. She lives in L.A, and has lived here for a long time. She’s an actress, and she does quite a lot of theatre. Much more than many of her (and my) colleagues in Los Angeles. We talk a lot about theatre, and also about her one person show Poor Poor Lear. We have a very inspiring talk about her life, how she got her start in theatre in Finland, and then went to Finnish Theatre Academy, and how she ended up in Los Angeles. Nina has created a nice life for herself and for her family here in California. We recorded this at Nina’s yard, so you will hear some crickets in the background. Nina and me have also performed live-streamed improvised shows for Finlandia Foundation here in the US, and you are able to watch them on the following links: Live-Streamed Comedy Improv Special in English Live-Streamed Improvised Play #1 (in Finnish with English subtitles) Live-Streamed Improvised Play #2 (in Finnish with English subtitles) This episode has been supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland (Taiteen edistämiskeskus). Enjoy!

Episode 21 - Ashley Scott Meyers

Julkaistu 16.11.2020

Ashley Scott Meyers is a filmmaker and a podcaster, and I have been listening to his podcast for a few years now, and I have enjoyed it a lot. Having Ashley as a guest on my podcast is a great opportunity for me to ask him all the questions that I have thought of when I have been listening to his podcast. This is a wonderful talk about the realities of being a filmmaker in LA. Ashley tells openly how he is making it happen, and he also gives excellent advice to anyone who is thinking about filmmaking or moving to LA. An inspirational talk. This is wonderful! Enjoy! Ashley’s website:

Episode 20 - Johanna Anttila, Karolyn Castaldo and Stephanie Coats

Julkaistu 16.10.2020

Today I had a wonderful talk with three guests at the same time! Actor Johanna Anttila connected with us from Finland. She is one of the leads in the movie Couples of Wife Carrying, in which I act in as well. She plays a Finnish competitor in the film. The second guest is Karolyn Castaldo, who is Director of Communications for Sunday River ski resort in Maine. We filmed the movie in Sunday River, and they have been very supportive of us throughout the whole filming and distribution process. And the third guest is Stephanie Coats, who is the post-production supervisor and associate producer of the film. A wonderful talk about the movie, wife carrying and life. Enjoy! This discussion was also screened live at the film’s Facebook page. Here’s a link to the video: Couples of Wife Carrying Facebook page: Film’s website: Trailer for the movie:

Episode 19 - Evan James Bochetto and Dan Pastewka

Julkaistu 11.9.2020

Evan James Bochetto and Dan Pastewka, along with Brad Kula, are the creators of the comedy film Couples of Wife Carrying. Evan directed and was a co-writer of the film, while Dan is the producer. I play a Finnish wife-carrier Jarkko Karjalainen in the movie. First of all, my apologies for the sound quality of the podcast. We had some sound issues, but you can definitely hear everything. Couples of Wife Carrying has just been released to buy / rent in North America, so this was a great time for us to have a talk about the film. We go through how the movie was made, from coming up with the idea, all the way to the distribution and marketing. We also get to know who Evan and Dan are. A great talk about how films can be made with little money and lots of passion. Enjoy! This discussion was also screened live at the film’s Facebook page. Here’s a link to the video: Couples of Wife Carrying Facebook page: Film’s website: Trailer for the movie:

Episode 18 - Jukka Åkerman (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 18.8.2020

Jukka! This episode is in Finnish. Jukka did sound design for our feature film Insanity (Vihanpidot), which I directed. I didn’t know him beforehand, but we have been staying in quite close contact lately during the post-production and release process of the film. The movie has just been released for streaming in Finland (on Elisa Viihde), Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia. Next up we are preparing for North America and Great Britain releases. We talk about the process of making the film, and Jukka’s life. Jukka also used to be a rock star, and he is working on some new music! A great talk! Samples of Jukka’s work: Insanity / Vihanpidot film to rent or buy: Trailer to Insanity / Vihanpidot:

Episode 17 - Irina Tundra

Julkaistu 30.7.2020

Irina Tundra is a Finnish stripper. We have a very interesting talk about the realities of being in her profession, what got her started, and why she’s a stripper. She tells about how she first got interested in the profession, and also how she studied in an university before becoming a stripper. We also talk about what’s the difference of prostitution and stripping. We also hear Irina’s opinions about sex work and legal aspects of that. This is an interesting and unique conversation with Irina, who is someone who works in an underground profession, but she approaches it in a business-minded and organized way. We also hear her stories about working outside Finland, and her dreams for the future. A great talk about the realities of a very unique way of making a living! Irina’s website: Irina’s social media:

Episode 16 - Stephen Lee

Julkaistu 4.7.2020

I met Stephen a couple of years ago when we were working on a trailer for an UFO film which eventually never happened. But we spend a couple of fun and intense nights in wintery Finnish forest. I didn’t know much about Stephen then, but during this discussion I’m finding quite a lot new things about him. In addition to him being a musician and a songwriter, he was a part of the Finnish tech craze in the early 2000s. He worked for one of the startup companies called Wapit. Stephen is originally from the US but he has lived in Finland for many years, and he gives me insight into the differences of Finland and the US. We also talk about the current events in the US and Black Lives Matter. This is a great talk about life, and the times we are living in. Stephen’s podcast Get Known by San Francisco Agency: Short film Kill Will starring Stephen: Stephen’s song links: Paska työ Take the Spoon in Your Beautiful Hand Phunky Sound of the Giraffe

Episode 15 - Ulla Virtanen (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 27.6.2020

Ulla! This episode is in Finnish. Ulla and I have worked together since 2007, so it has been a while. We both are also members of Finnish improv group VSOP. This is a great talk with someone who I have known for long time, and now we had a wonderful chance to sit down and talk in peace. Ulla has worked in quite a variety of roles in the entertainment industry, and currently she is a writer for Dancing with the Stars Finland. Since she’s so talented in so many things, I wanted to know what is her passion, and that is still acting. However she wouldn’t mind also participating in Dancing with the Stars next year! Ulla has studied acting in America too, and she has always had a special relationship with the US. We talk about her training there and also about her current feelings about America. A lovely talk about all and everything! Ulla’s Instagram: Ulla’s webpage:

Episode 14 - Tea Khalifa (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 20.6.2020

Tea! This episode is in Finnish. I got to know Tea for the first time two years ago. She has had a wonderful career in Finland, mainly hosting the biggest TV shows of the country. Two years ago she took a new step in her life moving to Los Angeles, and we talk about that. She tells how it has been starting everything all over again. She also talks about her tiredness to quarantine, and how she’s also looking forward visiting Finland soon. A great talk, and I was very happy to get to know Tea better this way, doing the podcast! Happy Midsummer to Finland! Tea’s Instagram: Tea and Johanna’s podcast California Dreamin:

Episode 13 - Niina Lahtinen (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 18.5.2020

Niina! This episode is in Finnish. I have known Niina for a long time, and we both have performed with improv group VSOP for many years. We have also acted together in a couple of scenes on TV shows Siskonpeti and Downshiftaajat. However I really haven’t spoken with Niina with just two of us for this long before, apart from one improv rehearsal session few years ago. We talk about Niina’s life, family, her reasons for doing art, and also a little bit about politics. Niina lives good family life in Riihimäki, but at the same time she’s directing one of the most popular comedy TV shows in Finland, Putous. We go into detail how it is doing that, and also what kind of actors are good for Putous. We got to know each other a little bit more in this podcast. A great and warm talk! Niina’s Instagram:

Episode 12 - Johanna Tohni (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 25.4.2020

Johanna! This episode is in Finnish. I’m very happy to have Johanna on the show. We met last time a year ago when Johanna was visiting LA, and she did stand-up on a show I hosted. Johanna is a Finnish stand-up comedian, improv actor, and many other things in the field of entertainment. We share a bit of a similar background since we both have been doing improv for years, and we both love it. Johanna’s stand-up career has taken off, and she has performed all over Finland with her and her spouse’s stand-up show Mars vs. Venus? They have been doing the show since 2017, and it still sells well. We have a great talk about how Johanna got started in show business, and how she feels about it now. She also talks how it is working on a two person show very closely with her spouse. Johanna’s website: Johanna’s stand-up on YouTube (in Finnish):

Episode 11 - Henry Pöyhiä (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 12.4.2020

Henry! This episode is in Finnish. Henry is one of the stars of Vihanpidot / Insanity, the film I directed. We spent an intense week and few more days together while we were filming the movie, but we didn’t really have that much time to get to know each other during the shoot. This podcast is actually the longest conversation we’ve ever had. We reflect a bit on the movie, but during this episode we get to really know who Henry is, and also how he ended up in Tampere, Finland. Henry is an active social media creator on Instagram, and we are exploring that side of him too. This is a sweet and honest conversation, great talk! Henry’s Instagram: Henry's website: Trailer to Vihanpidot / Insanity, the film we did together (no English subtitles):

Episode 10 - Teemu Aromaa (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 2.4.2020

Teemu Aromaa! This episode will be in Finnish. I spoke with Teemu online as he was in Finland, and I was in LA. The sound quality is good, even though there is a slight time delay in our dialogue. I have known Teemu for around 20 years, and he is a good friend of mine. We haven’t seen each other a lot lately, because I have been in LA. So it was great to catch up with him. We talk about what’s going on in his life, and also how coronavirus is effecting his daily life and work. He’s also asking how I’m doing. This episode gives an awesome insight into how it is being a working actor in Finland. Teemu has been working pretty much non-stop since he graduated from Theatre Academy in Finland in 2000. Great talk! Teemu’s Instagram: We both are members of Finnish improv group VSOP:

Episode 9 - Eero Heinonen (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 25.3.2020

Eero Heinonen! This episode will be in Finnish! Eero is mainly known as the bass player of Finnish band The Rasmus, but I met Eero when he was the Director of Photography for a feature film I directed, Vihanpidot / Insanity. We spent some intense nights in a cabin in forest whilst we were filming the horror movie. Eero visited me for a night in Los Angeles recently, and it was great to catch up with him. He’s working on a documentary type of project and he wanted to set up a talk for us with that in mind. There were specific subjects we were supposed to cover, but we had such an interesting and broad talk, that here it is for you. We recorded it outside in Hollywood, so I apologize for the sound quality. Enjoy our talk about meditation, The Rasmus, Hollywood, and many other things! Links to The Rasmus: Link to the Finnish trailer of Vihanpidot / Insanity:

Episode 8 - Juha Ilmari Laine (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 10.11.2019

Juha Ilmari Laine! This episode will be in Finnish. Juha Ilmari Laine is a Finnish filmmaker and an acclaimed music and commercial video director. He has won many awards for his work in Finland and abroad, including 2018 Kultapumpeli, the main award at Oulu Music Video Festival. I met Juha in Los Angeles through No-Office few years ago, and we have since collaborated in over 20 projects together. Juha was also part of the crew that made our feature film Someone Somewhere happen, which opens in Finnish theaters November 8th 2019. This is a great and fun talk about filmmaking, life, and comedy. In Finnish. Juha’s website: Juha’s KANSAN KASVOT Instagram:

Episode 7 - Martin Harris

Julkaistu 9.9.2019

Martin! This episode will be in English. Martin Harris / Martin Harasimowicz is a Polish-born actor and comedian, who has also been a comedy promoter in the past. He has been in LA for many years now, and carved a life in entertainment business for himself. Martin is a good example how a career for a foreign actor with an accent can work. This is a great international talk about life in Los Angeles! Martin’s Instagram: Martin’s Twitter:

Episode 6 - Corsica Wilson

Julkaistu 24.5.2018

Corsica! This episode will be in English. Corsica Wilson is an LA actress and a friend of mine. I have worked with her on many projects with both of us as actors and as producers. I knew much about her, but doing the podcast allowed me to have a great talk with her and find out how she ended up in LA, and how she's liking it. And how she's making it happen here. If you want to know how the real life of an LA actor and writer is, this is a great look into that. We talk about auditions, life, and of course how she used to work for Postmates. Also, if you're planning to move to LA, or if you're new here, this is a great episode for you! Corsica's IMDb page:

Episode 5 - Tomi Tajakka / Remmel

Julkaistu 29.7.2017

Tomi Tajakka (Remmel) is Finnish musician who has been touring the world with his band Steve ’N’ Seagulls for few years now. They became a viral hit with their bluegrass versions of hard rock songs, including AC/DC’s Thunderstruck (over 43 million views!) We had a great Skype conversation as he was in Finland, and me in Los Angeles. I have known Tomi since we were kids, and we are from the same town Iisalmi, Finland. I talk with Tomi about his journey, and I also try to find out what it feels like touring the world, and if he's living the dream. Their band page: Thunderstruck / Steve ’N’ Seagulls:

Episode 4 - Miro Laiho (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 3.7.2017

Miro Laiho is a Finnish film producer who runs his own production company Time Films. He also has a movie trailer music company Epic North, which has made tunes to some big Hollywood blockbuster trailers. Miro talks about his path which has led this far, and how he’s pretty much still doing the same stuff he did as a kid. I recorded this episode in Los Angeles, as Miro was visiting here for two weeks. Interesting insights about life, and how trailer music business works! Miro’s companies: This episode will be in Finnish. Yeah!

Episode 3 - Joni Koivuniemi (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 18.5.2017

Joni is an anarchistic Finnish comedian who has also received success with his web videos. Currently he's producing his second feature film and raising a baby. Joni talks about comedy, life, and his road in getting his film made. This is a swapcast, so it's also available as Joni's podcast Savuna ilmaan. This episode will be in Finnish. Boom!

Episode 2 - David Deery

Julkaistu 8.2.2017

David! This episode will be in English. I'm talking with an American comedian David Deery. David opens up about The Comedy Store, Louis CK and about making it in Hollywood. I met David few years ago back in Finland, where he was performing in Comedy Finland event. I also opened for him there. I was impressed with his comedy already then. I thought he had a clear point of view, and I was wondering why he didn't have his own TV show in America yet. In this episode I'm trying to find that out. Lately I have been running into David in the Los Angeles comedy scene, and I wanted to hear his thoughts. This is a great episode if you want to know how the real life of an LA comedian is. Rock!

Episode 1 - Jaakko Manninen (in Finnish)

Julkaistu 6.9.2016

This is the first podcast I have ever done, welcome! Jaakko is my neighbour in Hollywood and a big inspiration to me. He has worked in music and film pretty much all his life. Mainly directing and producing, but also performing. He has worked with Backstreet Boys, Kylie Minogue and Shaggy, to name a few. Jaakko is one of the hardest working people I know, and I wanted to find out how he made it this far. So we decided to have a little chat after working on a music video the whole day and having a couple of beers. This episode will be in Finnish. Enjoy!

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