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@mhonkasalo NBA Podcast

A deep-dive NBA podcast featuring discussions on basketball analytics, current events-- with smart guests and in-depth analysis. Mika Honkasalo is an NBA writer at

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Yhteensä 3 jaksoa, joista ensimmäinen julkaistu 27.11.2017.

#24 Stephen Noh - Chicago Bulls and Lauri Markkanen

Julkaistu 6.2.2018

I talked with Stephen Noh from The Athletic Chicago about the Bulls' season, Lauri Markkanen, Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine and Nikola Mirotic trade. Follow Stephen on Twitter @StephNoh.

#23 Philip Spector - Blake Griffin + Nikola Mirotic Trades. Greg Monroe to Celtics

Julkaistu 3.2.2018

Hello there! Talked with Philip Spector about the latest news around the NBA! Follow Philip on Twitter @AdvancedStats23.

#22 @advancedstats23 - Quick Thoughts on Every NBA Team

Julkaistu 27.11.2017

The podcast is back! Our discussion today featured quick thoughts on every NBA team and a few listener questions at the end. I'll try to do a few more episodes this year.

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