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@mhonkasalo NBA Podcast

A deep-dive NBA podcast featuring discussions on basketball analytics, current events-- with smart guests and in-depth analysis. Mika Honkasalo is an NBA writer at

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Yhteensä 23 jaksoa, joista ensimmäinen julkaistu 7.11.2015.

#24 Stephen Noh - Chicago Bulls and Lauri Markkanen

Julkaistu 6.2.2018

I talked with Stephen Noh from The Athletic Chicago about the Bulls' season, Lauri Markkanen, Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine and Nikola Mirotic trade. Follow Stephen on Twitter @StephNoh.

#23 Philip Spector - Blake Griffin + Nikola Mirotic Trades. Greg Monroe to Celtics

Julkaistu 3.2.2018

Hello there! Talked with Philip Spector about the latest news around the NBA! Follow Philip on Twitter @AdvancedStats23.

#22 @advancedstats23 - Quick Thoughts on Every NBA Team

Julkaistu 27.11.2017

The podcast is back! Our discussion today featured quick thoughts on every NBA team and a few listener questions at the end. I'll try to do a few more episodes this year.

#21 Will Gottlieb - Random NBA/Basketball Topics

Julkaistu 25.9.2016

Today I was joined by Will Gottlieb from the Athletic Chicago. It's the offseason and not much news to cover, so we decided to spend our time talking about some random NBA topics. Underrated strategies, teams, players etc! You can follow will on Twitter @wontgottlieb.

#20 Josh Lloyd - Free Agency Wrap-Up

Julkaistu 26.7.2016

Talked with Josh Lloyd about all things NBA free agency, we went through most deals this summer and the different strategies teams decided to pursue. Follow Josh on Twitter @redrock_bball. You can find his work @LockedonPods network, and the basketball fantasy site

#19 Nick Restifo - NBA Draft Models, 2016 NBA Draft (+a little on betting)

Julkaistu 1.7.2016

It's been a while since the last podcast, but luckily the wait has been worth it! Talked with Nick Restifo about the 2016 NBA draft with a focus on the analytical side of projecting and scouting players. It was a great near two-hour talk and we went through a ton of interesting stuff. You can follow Nick on Twitter @nickrestifo.

#18 Jake Weiner - NBA Awards Ballot

Julkaistu 13.4.2016

I was joined by Jake Weiner from BBallBreakdown, Today's Fastbreak and DRoses and Thorns, and we want through our awards ballots from MVP, Rookie of the Year, Sixth Man, Most Improved and Coach of the Year. We also discussed our favorite players to watch and picked out our All-NBA teams. You can follow Jake on Twitter @JakeWeinerNBA. This podcast was brought to you by Audible, the leading source for audiobooks. If you'd like to support the podcast, visit and get a free audiobook today!

#17 Eric Nehm - Sam Hinkie Reactions + Milwaukee Bucks

Julkaistu 8.4.2016

It's been a while since the latest episode, but today I'm happy to be talking with Eric Nehm from ESPN Milwaukee, Milwaukee Magazine and Brew Hoop on SB Nation. We quickly reacted to Sam Hinkie stepping down as the general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers. Then, we talked about all things Milwaukee Bucks, starting from pre-season expectations to the disappointments, and the development of Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo. You can follow Eric on twitter @eric_nehm. Follow, like, comment, review and share if you enjoy the podcast! For the playoffs, I already have 3 great guests coming up, so there should be a ton of content coming up.

#16 Kristian Palotie - Trade deadline, contenders, playoff position + NBA awards (Finnish)

Julkaistu 27.2.2016

Uusi podcast jakso! Keskusteltiin Kristian Palotien (@4ProPalotie) kanssa kaikesta mitä NBA:ssa on viime aikoina tapahtunut, trade deadline siirroista, playoff kamppailuista molemmissa konferenseissa, NBA historian parhaista jengeistä ja vuoden lopussa jaettavista palkinnoista. Jaa, arvostele, kommentoi ja pistä eteenpäin jos tykkäät!

#15 Mason Ginsberg - New Orleans Pelicans

Julkaistu 21.2.2016

Talked with Mason Ginsberg from about all things New Orleans Pelicans. We touched on how the coaching change from Monty Williams to Alvin Gentry has changed the team, what the best way to build around Anthony Davis is, potential short and long term moves the team might make, and how Davis can become even better. Follow Mason on Twitter @MasonGinsberg. Hope you enjoy our discussion!

#14 Chip Williams - Memphis Grizzlies

Julkaistu 2.2.2016

In the latest episode of the @mhonkasalo NBA podcast, I was joined by Chip Williams from, the must read SBNation Memphis Grizzlies blog. We talked about the grit-and-grind era potentially coming to an end, how the Grizzlies should build going forward, what the rest of the season hopefully looks like and more. Thought this was a great episode thanks to Chip, and you can follow him on Twitter @chipwilliamsjr. Like, share, subscribe, review.. and all that other stuff!

#13 Andrew Johnson - Win projections and draft models

Julkaistu 30.1.2016

In the latest episode of the @mhonkasalo NBA podcast, I was joined by Andrew Johnson of Nylon Calculus. We talked about the Celtics, how Andrew's win projections have faired and draft modeling-- particularly when it comes to understanding international players. You can find Andrew on Twitter @CountingBaskets. Had a great time. Share the podcast to help it grow!

#12 Justin Faudree - Reactions to David Blatt Being Fired and Denver Nuggets Talk

Julkaistu 23.1.2016

In the latest episode of the podcast I was joined by Justin Faudree-- contributor to ESPN's TrueHoop Network at the Denver Nuggets blog We talked about and shared our initial reactions to the Cavs firing David Blatt before our main discussion. With Justin, we covered the Denver Nuggets young guys, the season so far and what the future holds for the team. You can follow Justin @SmoothsHoops on Twitter. If you like the episode, share, comment and like!

#11 Josh Lloyd - Early All-Star Selections

Julkaistu 16.1.2016

The podcast is back! Talked with one of my favourite basketball people in the world, Josh Lloyd, about the upcoming NBA All-Star game in Toronto. We made our picks for each of the 12 available slots for both conferences, and then we complained about some random stuff relating to coaching decisions in the NBA. You can follow Josh on Twitter @redrock_bball, and I really recommend listening to his daily show, the Red Rock Fantasy Basketball podcast.

#10 Nate Duncan - The value of coaching, understanding defense, drafting + future of the Pelicans

Julkaistu 17.12.2015

Talked with Nate Duncan, writer at the Cauldron and host of the Dunc'd On basketball podcast about some of the coaches doing a good job in the NBA this season, how to understand and evaluate defense, drafting/team-building and the future of the New Orleans Pelicans. You can find Nate on Twitter @NateDuncanNBA. Like, comment and share if you enjoy the podcast! iTunes reviews help out a ton!

#9 Kristian Palotie - NBA First 49 Days Wrap-Up (Finnish)

Julkaistu 15.12.2015

Kristian Palotien kanssa kävimme läpi ensimmäisen 49 päivän tapahtumia NBA:ssa. Aiheina Golden State Warriorsin voittoputki, San Antonio Spursin uusi pelitapa. Itäisen konferenssin yllätysjoukkueet, läntisen konferenssissä tapahtuva muutokset ja Kobe Bryantin paikka NBA:n historiassa. Kristian löydät Twitterissä @4ProPalotie. Jaa ja nauti!

#8 Ian Levy - 76ers, evolution of wings, small-ball, philosophy about basketball analytics

Julkaistu 9.12.2015

A super interesting episode of the podcast. I was joined by Ian Levy of the Cauldron, Sporting News, Vice Sports, FivyThirtyEight and Editor-in-chief and Hardwood Paroxysm. We talked about Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and how they differ from other superstar wings of the future. The rebuild in Philly, small-ball and basketball analytics. You can follow Ian on twitter @HickoryHigh. Keep the reviews and ratings coming in to help the podcast grow!

#7 Nick Restifo - Knicks, Magic, Heat, Basketball Analytics

Julkaistu 8.12.2015

For the latest episode of the podcast, I talked to Nick Restifo from Nylon Calculus about the Knicks future, Orlando's young players, current strength of the Heat and a ton on basketball analytics. You can follow Nick @NickRestifo on Twitter. This was a monster episode, lasting nearly two hours. Good for you if you made it through!

#6 Ioannis Michailidis - NBA Betting

Julkaistu 29.11.2015

Talked with NBA trader/handicapper Ioannis Michailidis from Betsson Group about the basics of betting NBA basketball. You can follow him on Twitter @IoannisM23. Share, like and enjoy!

#5 Zach Bennett - Minnesota Timberwolves and what can only be described as random basketball topics

Julkaistu 27.11.2015

Zach Bennett from Hardwood Paroxysm stopped by to talk with me about the Minnesota Timberwolves. In this mega-podcast we covered all the Wolves' players one-by-one and then we went off on a tangent and talked about everything interesting related to NBA basketball. Topics included analytics, kings, fun teams to watch, NBA across the world and some Kyle Korver shooting routine masturbation. You can find Zach on Twitter @ZacharyBD. If you enjoyed the pod, share it to help me out!

#4 Will Gottlieb - Chicago Bulls

Julkaistu 18.11.2015

Today I talked with Will Gottlieb from BBallBreakdown and SBNation's Blog A Bull about all things Chicago Bulls. Together we breakdown every player on the roster, the front line rotation, Hoiberg's offensive system and more! You can find him on Twitter @wontgottlieb

#3 Pieti Poikola - Susijengi, suomikoris ja valmennusfilosofiaa (Finnish)

Julkaistu 10.11.2015

Juteltiin kolminkertaisin suomenmestari valmentajan Pieti Poikolan kanssa susijengin suorituksesta kesän EM-kisoissa, koripallon tilanteesta suomessa ja muuta yleistä koripallofilosofointia. Pietin löydät twitteristä @coachpieti Jos tykkäät, kommentoi, tykkää ja pistä eteenpäin!

#2 Josh Lloyd - Bulls, Hawks, Magic and more

Julkaistu 7.11.2015

Josh Lloyd is the lead fantasy basketball analyst at and a contributor at Hardwood Paroxysm. His daily fantasy podcast is a must for any fantasy basketball nut. In this episode, we talk about contested vs. uncontested shots, the Chicago Bulls and their front line, the Hawks wing rotation, Aaron Gordon and the Magic, plus some stuff about the young guys we are excited about. Due to audio issues I had to cut the recording short. But I hope you enjoy it!

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