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My Dear Kitchen In Helsinki

Welcome to the new podcast / interview series by My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki blog. This is a project that I wanted to do for a very long time. I’ve always been interested in social, cultural and political aspects of food and I wanted to reach out to people in Finland, researchers, practitioners, activists and any other food related people, to discuss their works, the topics that emerge around food, current situation but also future projections. In the near future or later on, the location of the guests may extend beyond the borders of Finland, but my priority, at least for now, will be to see the local picture.

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Yhteensä 24 jaksoa, joista ensimmäinen julkaistu 30.8.2020.

Interview With Christian Tikkanen On The Food Culture of Swedish-Speaking Population in Finland

Julkaistu 30.5.2022

Welcome to a new episode of My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki podcast. My guest today is Swedish-speaking Finnish chef Christian Tikkanen, the founder and secretary of Finlands Svenska Måltidsakademi aka Finlands Swedish Food Academy. Christian and I talked about the food culture of Swedish speaking population in Finland and the factors that affect it. We also talked about signature dishes and recipes and discussed whether the culture of the Swedish-speaking population in Finland is in danger of be...

Interview With Jenni Lares on History And Meaning Of Drinking in Finland in the 17th Century

Julkaistu 16.5.2022

My guest on the podcast today is Jenni Lares, a historian currently based at Tampere University. Jenni and I talked about the history and meaning of drinking in Finland in the 17th century, which was her doctoral research topic. We talked about drinking and its relationship with different aspects of life and society at that time: criminal acts, social gatherings and joyful occasions, the effect of religion and the health aspect of the drinks at the time. We also discussed what records about d...

Interview With Mariana Núñez Sánchez On Cooking With Ink: Analogies Between Cooking And Making

Julkaistu 29.3.2022

My guest on the podcast today is Mariana Núñez Sánchez, a designer who works with and on food. Mariana graduated from Aalto University with a Master of Arts degree in late 2020. Her thesis titled “Cooking Through Illustration” was about analogies between cooking and making, and she designed tools using this analogy to help people get more comfortable in the kitchen without being in the kitchen. In this episode, Mariana and I talked about her personal relationship with food and cooking, and...

Interview With Carlos Henriques on Restaurant Nolla, Finland’s First Zero-Waste Restaurant

Julkaistu 14.3.2022

My guest on the podcast today is Carlos Henriques, one of the three founders of Restaurant Nolla, Finland’s first zero-waste restaurant. Carlos and I talked about the story of Nolla, where Nolla is today and what the future holds for them. We also talked about food sustainability, food waste, using local and seasonal food products and personal relationships food brings in Nolla and more broadly. At the end of the episode, Carlos has a question that will challenge your behaviour regarding food...

Interview With Minna Kaljonen On The Just Transition Of The Food System

Julkaistu 18.1.2022

My guest on the podcast today is Minna Kaljonen, a research professor at the Finnish Environment Institute. She also works with the “Just Food” project carried out in Finland. In this episode, Minna and I talked about the just sustainability transition of the food system, and we discussed the injustices in the current food system in the world. We also discussed sustainable diets and sustainable eating, the problems of the food system and the communities marginalised by the food system in Finl...

Interview With Bettina Lindfors On The New Nordic Food Manifesto And Sustainability Transitions

Julkaistu 6.12.2021

My guest on the podcast today is Bettina Lindfors, a project manager for the New Nordic Food Programme. In this episode, Bettina and I talked about the New Nordic Food Manifesto, published in 2004 and signed by chefs from all the Nordic countries. We discussed how the manifesto contributes to the sustainability transition of the food system, what its social and political impacts are, and how it changed the food scene in Finland and other Nordic countries. In the second part of the interview, ...

Interview With Piia Jallinoja About Veganism And Vegetarianism In Finland And Beyond

Julkaistu 13.9.2021

My guest on the podcast today is Piia Jallinoja, professor of health sociology at the University of Tampere. In the episode, we talked about how veganism/vegetarianism is increasing in the world and Finland and the changing cultural position of meat-eating. We also talked about an exciting Facebook group based in Finland, “sipsikaljavegaanit” (crisp and beer vegans) and how a new wave of veganism is changing the common perceptions of veganism and vegans. At the end of the episode, Piia asked ...

Interview With Amanda Hajnal On Slow Food Helsinki and Food System in Finland

Julkaistu 30.8.2021

My guest on the podcast today is Amanda Hajnal representing Slow Food Helsinki, one of the five local chapters of Slow Food International in Finland. In the episode, we first talked about the definition, the aims and the brief history of the slow food movement. Afterwards, we moved on to slow food Helsinki, and we spoke about their purposes, activities and members. In this part of the interview, we also talked about the local food system and the problems related to the food and food system in...

Interview with Roosa Heinilä and Annika Hannus on Mettä Nordic and The Nordic Diet

Julkaistu 28.6.2021

My guests on the podcast today are Roosa Heinilä and Annika Hannus, founders of Mettä Nordic brand. Roosa and Annika introduce flavours from the Finnish forest and the Nordic diet globally and in Finland through their brand. In the episode, we talked about how and why they started the Mettä Nordic brand, its place in the local food system in Finland and how it contributes to food sustainability. We also discussed the Nordic diet, its different benefits and ingredients and the threats it’s fac...

Interview With Anna Nyman On Wild Food Foraging in Finland

Julkaistu 14.6.2021

My guest today is Anna Nyman, a wild food foraging enthusiast who shares her knowledge on foraging through workshops, webinars and books. I met Anna when I joined her wild herb foraging walk in Mustikkamaa (Helsinki) about a month ago. In the episode, we talked about Anna’s foraging related activities and services, foraging in Finland and Finnish cuisine, sustainable ways of foraging and the community building aspect of foraging. Hope you like our discussion. (Sound editing by my dear friend ...

Interview With Teea Kortetmäki On Food Justice And Climate Change Mitigation

Julkaistu 24.5.2021

Today, my guest in the podcast is post-doctoral researcher Teea Kortetmäki from the University of Jyväskylä. Teea and I talk about the connection between food justice and climate change mitigation, both globally and in the local context of Finland. At the end of the episode, Teea asks you a question to think further, and we’ll be happy to receive your comments. Hope you like our discussion. (Sound editing by my dear friend Ufuk Evcimen. Licensed music by Luca Palumbo.)

Interview With Chia Näsman On Raseborgs Fermenteri And Fermented Thoughts

Julkaistu 3.5.2021

Today, my guest in the podcast is entrepreneur Chia Näsman, founder of Raseborgs Fermenteri and maker of delicious fermented foods. In this episode, Chia introduced us to Raseborgs Fermenteri: its products, ingredients, production methods and more. We also tried to expand the word “fermentation” and what else it could represent besides food. Hope you like our discussion. (Sound editing by Ufuk Evcimen. Licensed music by Luca Palumbo.

Interview With Galina Kallio On Oma Pelto And Food Collectives

Julkaistu 5.4.2021

My guest in the podcast today is researcher Galina Kallio, one of the founding members of Kaupunkilaisten Oma Pelto food collective. In the first half of the episode, Galina and I talked about Oma Pelto in detail; what it is, its history and working model, how it contributes to the local food system’s sustainability and its members. In the second half, we discussed the food collectives she studied during her PhD from different angles - from their strength in changing the mainstream food syste...

Interview With Saara-Maria Kauppi On Insect-Eating In Western Society And Design Interventions

Julkaistu 8.3.2021

My guest on the podcast today is designer and researcher Saara-Maria Kauppi, aka Sassu. Sassu and I studied at the same time in the Creative Sustainability Master Program at Aalto University. She worked on insect consumption and design for her master’s thesis. Afterwards, she continued to work on this topic for her PhD at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In the episode, we discussed the research on insect-rearing, eating and consumption in Western society, the current situa...

Interview With Sarang Ganoo On How Life In Finland Has Shaped His Views On Food And Sustainability And His Design Work In India

Julkaistu 8.2.2021

My guest on the podcast today is designer Sarang Ganoo, and he joins me from Pune, India. Sarang and I studied at the same time in the department of design at Aalto University. In the interview, we discussed how his life in Finland affected his views on sustainability and design, and his work afterwards in India. We also talked about his design projects related to food sustainability, particularly his home compost kit and the urban farm project. Hope you enjoy our discussion.

Interview with Daria Krivonos on Migrant Farm Workers in Europe and in Finland

Julkaistu 25.1.2021

My guest on the podcast today is researcher Daria Krivonos from the University of Helsinki. Daria and I talked about migrant farmworkers in the EU and Finland. This topic attracted a lot of attention last spring when borders were closed all around Europe due to covid-19 pandemic, and the farmers who depended on migrant workers were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to receive this workforce. The situation is directly related to food security and sovereignty in Europe, while it also tells a lo...

Interview With Siemenpuu Foundation On Rural Women And Food Sovereignty In The Global South

Julkaistu 28.12.2020

My guest today, in this final episode of 2020, is Kirsi Chavda from Siemenpuu Foundation. Kirsi is responsible for the funding of “rural women and food sovereignty” theme in the organisation. We talked about challenges that rural women face in the global south, food sovereignty in general and in gendered context, and how global south and north are connected in their food system challenges. You can find out more about Siemenpuu Foundation on Hope you enjoy our discussion, an...

Interview With Jella Bertell On The Responsibility Of Food Bloggers In Communicating Food Sustainability

Julkaistu 7.12.2020

My guest on the podcast today is fellow food blogger Jella Bertell from Vaimomatskuu blog. Jella and I talked about how food bloggers (and food writers in general) can communicate sustainability in food system and the relationship between cultural sustainability and food. You can find Jella’s blog on and she is also on Instagram and on Facebook as “vaimomatskuu”.

Interview with Ruby Van Der Wekken On OmaMaa Food Co-op And Food Sovereignty

Julkaistu 9.11.2020

My guest today is Ruby van der Wekken from Oma Maa, a food co-operative which uses environmentally and socially sustainable food production methods and is based on community-supported agriculture. Ruby works both at the farm and with the development of the co-op with a personal background on global justice movement, solidarity economy & commons. Ruby and I talked about Oma Maa’s practices and ideals, alternative food networks, problems of the global food system and how we can envision a j...

Interview with Heidi Uppa on Food Design As A Tool For Creating A Positive Change

Julkaistu 19.10.2020

My guest on the podcast today is designer Heidi Uppa, who has been working with food for a long time and who is also conducting her doctoral research in Aalto University. Heidi and I talked about what critical food design means and how she uses design with and about food to create a positive change in the world. We also discussed some of her recent food design works in depth.

Interview with William Lafleur on Multisensory Approach to [Food] Sustainability

Julkaistu 5.10.2020

My guest on the podcast today is William LaFleur, an anthropologist and researcher, currently working on his doctoral studies at the University of Helsinki. He is also an enthusiastic food geek. Will is using sensory ethnography as a new method for learning sustainability and understanding local foodways. He and I invite you to a sensory discussion which involves a baguette and a börek, and we urge you to do a sensory experiment the next time you’re eating something. I advise you to listen to...

Interview with Francesca Allievi on The Complexity of Food Sustainability

Julkaistu 14.9.2020

My guest on the podcast this week is researcher and my dear friend Francesca Allievi. Francesca defended her doctoral dissertation about meat consumption as a wicked problem a few years ago and since then she has been working on increasing awareness of food sustainability, particularly among young people. She and I talked about the complexity of food sustainability and the educational tool she developed with her colleagues to teach this complexity. For this educational tool they develope...

Interview with Kadri Aavik on Veganism and Gender

Julkaistu 30.8.2020

My second guest this week is Estonian researcher Kadri Aavik, who has been working on veganism and gender in Estonia and in Finland and is a part of Climate Sustainability in the Kitchen: Everyday Food Cultures in Transition project in University of Helsinki. She is also a food blogger and has the oldest vegan blog in Estonia. Kadri and I talked about topics ranging from veganism and gender to veganism as a political practice, intersectionality of feminism and veganism, veganism and race and ...

Interview with Seona Candy on Sustainable Food Systems

Julkaistu 30.8.2020

My first guest researcher Seona Candy who has been doing her post-doc research in University of Helsinki, at the Institute of Urban and Regional Studies. We talked about current problems of global food system, how to make the food system sustainable, the effects of covid-19 on food system and her own food story after coming to Helsinki from Melbourne.To know more about Seona Candy, please check her page at the institute:

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