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The Flick Lab

A podcast analyzing world/international cinema by audiovisual arts graduates/students from Finland and the US; Karri Ojala, Henrik Telkki and Zachary Pen. New episodes biweekly on Thursdays.

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Yhteensä 139 jaksoa, joista ensimmäinen julkaistu 14.8.2018.

#138 - Cannibalism and Animal Cruelty in Film

Julkaistu 23.11.2021

In this episode of the podcast, Karri, Henrik, and Zach discuss the portrayal of cannibalism in film and the ethical boundaries of filmmaking - specifically the animal cruelty performed while making the film, "Cannibal Holocaust." There's also a splash of discussion on the ethics of eating meat. Films covered in this episode: Cannibal Holocaust (Italy, 1980) Delicatessen (France, 1991) Dumplings (餃子, Hong Kong 2004) Raw (Grave, France/Belgium 2016)

#137 - Abbas Kiarostami with Plan-Séquence

Julkaistu 8.11.2021

In this episode of the podcast, Karri, Henrik, and Zach are joined by Pedro, from the YouTube channel Plan-Séquence to discuss three films by Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami: Where Is The Friend's Home?, Taste of Cherry, and Like Someone In Love. Prepare for an in-depth discussion of cinematography, tone, characters, and the nature of 'realism' in film.

#136 - Halloween Kills with Allison Kilkenny

Julkaistu 22.10.2021

In this episode of the podcast, the Lab discusses Halloween Kills with writer-producer-podcaster multi-talent Allison Kilkenny. All the episode participants are trying their best to understand why this movie exists as it is. If you know the answer, please leave us a comment on our social media pages.

#135 - No Time to Die - Off the Record

Julkaistu 21.10.2021

In this episode of the podcast, Lab ponders about the future of James Bond. Who should replace Daniel Craig as 007? Will he or she be black, young or perhaps in a period piece? What are the narrative pitfalls of No Time to Die? Henrik shares his observations on the Christian symbolism. This is a chunk of unfinished business between Karri, Henrik and Tom after the official 'No Time to Die' episode stopped recording. An impromptu discussion not meant to be recorded. It doesn't get any more real than this.

#134 - No Time To Die: Examining Gender and Queer Perspectives

Julkaistu 12.10.2021

In this episode of the podcast, the long-awaited analysis of the new 25th James Bond film No Time To Die that just hit the theaters. After several delays, is Daniel Craig's valedictory Bond film worth the wait? Are women treated fairly in a Bond film in a post-me-too era? Do the Bond films continue their unbroken tradition of including perceived queer coding on screen? Our guests are the gender expert and author Dr. Lisa Funnell, David Lowbridge-Ellis from Licence to Queer, and Tom Frankland.

#133 - Planet Mars in Cinema Over 100+ Years

Julkaistu 23.9.2021

In this episode of the podcast, we focus on the fourth rock from the Sun. Mars has been a fascinating celestial body for millennia, but how has it been portrayed over the last 100 years of cinema? Karri, Henrik, and Zach will discuss more than a dozen films that feature the red planet with the hope of figuring out why Earthlings are so fascinated by Mars.

#132 - The Ring: American vs Japanese vs Korean version

Julkaistu 11.9.2021

In this episode of the podcast, prepare for war as Karri, Henrik, and Zach examine a battle royale of the original Japanese film Ringu, the American remake The Ring, and the Korean remake The Ring Virus. Three will enter, but only one win. One Ring film To Rule Them All. Films covered in this episode: Ringu (Japan, 1998) The Ring Virus (South Korea, 1999) The Ring (USA, 2002)

#131 - Is Dirty Harry Fascist?

Julkaistu 27.8.2021

In this episode of the podcast, a new voice joins the dynamic duo. Joining Karri and Henrik is Zach, who together take a look at the five films of the American series starring Clint Eastwood. Dirty Harry is a San Francisco cop who doesn’t like to follow the rules when they get in the way of him catching his man. The big question here: Is Dirty Harry a Fascist? Films covered in this episode: Dirty Harry (1971) Magnum Force (1973) The Enforcer (1976) Sudden Impact (1983) The Dead Pool (1988)

#130 - 3 Years of The Flick Lab - Celebration

Julkaistu 14.8.2021

It's been exactly 3 years since the journey of The Flick Lab begun. Hosts Karri and Henrik take this this celebratory episode as an opportunity to discuss mostly other topics than the Lab. How was Henrik's hiking trip and should Karri be anywhere near him while camping? And have you tried the Finnish Karelian Pie with Fazer's green balls? Naturally, we address our fans (well, the ones used for ventilation) and read some heart-warming feedback. We finish off with memorable moments / gag reel tape.

#129 - The Cinema of Lee-song Hee-il (이송희일)

Julkaistu 9.7.2021

In this episode of the podcast, Karri and Henrik take a close look at the openly gay South Korean director Lee-song Hee-il's 'gay cinema'. He directed the de-facto first Korean gay feature "No Regret", which became a relative hit in 2006. Lee-song has continued with the genre, while occasionally in conjunction exploring a myriad of societal taboos - not only vis-a-vis the rainbow community. Amongst his more recent highlights are the melodrama film trilogy "One Night and Two Days" from 2012.

#128 - The Cinema of Mohammad Malas (ملص‎ محمد)

Julkaistu 25.6.2021

Mohammad Malas is a Syrian auteur director and a public intellectual. His films are embedded in the contemporary history of Syria and senstivie societal topics. Our guest is professor Nezar Andary. He has a PhD in comparative literature, he is a filmmaker and a scholar who has studied a plethora of cultures, art, the cinema of the Arab world and Mohammad Malas. He is the co-author of The Cinema of Muhammad Malas: Visions of a Syrian Auteur, and is the director of the documentary Unlocking Doors of Cinema.

#127 - The Rise and Fall of Steven Seagal

Julkaistu 12.6.2021

In this episode of the podcast, Aikido gone wrong with Steven Seagal. Karri and Henrik look at Seagal's roots, his successes, some of his personal life involving mafia, Putin, sexual misconduct allegations, onset antics and dead puppies. Finally we dive into his direct-to-video failures and recent ventures. Films covered in this episode: Above the Law (1988) Under Siege (1992) On Deadly Ground (1994) Fire Down Below (1997) Attack Force (2006) Beyond the Law (2019)

#126 - Dr. Phibes

Julkaistu 28.5.2021

In this episode of the podcast, The Flick Lab visits the cult classic horror comedy character Dr. Phibes, played by the iconic Vincent Price in both 'The Abominable Dr. Phibes' and the sequel 'Dr. Phibes Rises Again'. What is behind the appeal of Dr. Phibes? Do the films hold up today? What were the shortcomings of the sequel? What do we know about the 3rd film that never happened?

#125 - KathNiel Phenomenon

Julkaistu 15.5.2021

The Filipino box office queen and king Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, dubbed “Kathniel” by fans, are a real-life couple who play on-screen leading roles together in romantic comedies. They’re a force to be reckoned with in the Pinoy movie theaters. The Flick Lab couldn’t resist to look for some juicy gossip around the couple. Is there any? Are the movies worth the noise? What is behind their successful, decade-long cinema love story?

#124 - The Cinema of Jan Komasa

Julkaistu 30.4.2021

Suicide, politics, religion. Director Jan Komasa doesn’t shy away from dangerous topics. Internationally, he’s known for ‘Corpus Christi’, but lately also for ‘The Hater’ due to its availability on Netflix. In Poland, ‘Suicide Room’ was a cult hit amongst the youth, whereas ‘Warsaw ’44’ was an artistically peculiar war film. We decided to watch all of his feature films and look for commonalities across them. We do not touch much on Corpus Christi, because this was already covered in-de

#123 - The Cinema of Na Hong-jin (나홍진)

Julkaistu 15.4.2021

He pulls the rug from under your feet. He will torture you emotionally. He will demonstrate how societal stereotypes become lethal when combined with an ineffective police force. Dive with us into the unforgiving and emotional roller coaster of the South Korean director Na Hong-jin. Picture "Na Hong-jin in Deauville Asian film festival" released by ENoz under the license CC BY-SA 3.0 . Changes were made to the original.

#122 - The Day the Clown Cried (1972) (Fantasy Analysis)

Julkaistu 31.3.2021

[DISCLAIMER: This episode was made for April Fools 🤡 . But it was also a fun 'simulation' for us, and hopefully for you. We DO NOT have any full version of the film. The episode content is part factual, part made up.] 'The Day the Clown Cried' is one of the most wanted 'lost' films ever made. Due to the subject matter, it was never released. However, our podcast has now obtained a finished copy. Join us for the first ever analysis of the full version of 'The Day the Clown Cried'.

#121 - Satoshi Kon and Toxic Fandom

Julkaistu 18.3.2021

The late Satoshi Kon was a highly respected and creative anime director. His first two films tackle the topic of fandom. When does fandom reach toxicity and what are the underlying triggers for such behavior? Films covered in this episode: Perfect Blue (1997) (パーフェクトブルー)  Millennium Actress (2001) (千年女優) 

#120 - The Hellraiser Franchise - What Went Wrong?

Julkaistu 4.3.2021

Are the Hellraiser sequels worth your time? What worked, what went awry and why? Karri and Henrik discuss all the sequels of Hellraiser. Previously parts 1, 2 and 3 were analysed in detail in individual episodes 32, 71 and 76, respectively. This episode here concentrates on the theme of 'What went wrong with Hellraiser', hence the focus is on the later, remaining sequels - 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9 and 10.

#119 - A Cascade of Suffering: The Cinema of Hu Bo

Julkaistu 18.2.2021

In this episode of the podcast, Karri and Henrik look at 'An Elephant Sitting Still'; an almost 4-hour feature, one of the most acclaimed feature debuts of the last decade. Is 'Elephant' a cascade of suffering? Does it depict life's meaninglessness? Does the late Hu Bo offer us a silver lining even amidst his character's darkest hours? The episode also covers the two short films 'Night Runner' and 'Man in the Well'. Guest appearance by Chinese Sen.

#118 - The Jurassic Park Sequels (1997-2018)

Julkaistu 5.2.2021

The original Jurassic Park is a loved classic that revolutionised the blockbuster cinema. Following the previous Jurassic Park episode, now The Lab will look at the more maligned sequels. Why did the once thought omnipotent franchise go dormant for years and return? Can the franchise be rejuvenated, or will the weight of the original drag everything down?

#117 - Krampus (2015)

Julkaistu 17.12.2020

The monster who punishes children for Christmas, Krampus, is part of an Alpine folklore which, still to this day is well-known in many European countries. Lately, Americans have become aware of this evil counterpart of Father Christmas. One cultural result of this is the family-friendly horror film (if that is a thing), Krampus. Happy Holidays to our listeners! The Flick Lab will now take a break and will return revamped on February 4th, 2021.

#116 - Welcome, or No Trespassing (1964) (Добро пожаловать, или Посторонним вход воспрещён)

Julkaistu 10.12.2020

From war horror to cheerful family comedy - Russia's Elem Klimov was able to pull off both ends. But is his 'Welcome, or No Trespassing' more than a delightful summer camp story under the surface? Is it indeed an allegory to the USSR? How did this get past the censors? Karri and Henrik join forces with the Russophiles Unite! Movie Podcast's Ally Pitts to find out.

#115 - The Unknown Soldier (1985) (Tuntematon sotilas)

Julkaistu 3.12.2020

Did Finland win or lose the Continuation War, and what constitutes as winning here? This week, a quick lesson on the less known part of World War II to coincide with the Finnish Independence Day. Last year, TFL covered the original 1955 version of The Unknown Soldier. Now, it's time to look at the 1985 remake. Which one fares better under the Lab's scrutiny? Jääkärimarssi (The Jäger March) - Acoustic guitar version by Kyösti Rautio ( used under the kind permission of Mr. Raut

#114 - A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

Julkaistu 26.11.2020

A dream monster or dream comedian? 'Nightmare 3' changes tonal gears and introduces more laughs and fantasy. Is it too campy or a welcome change? Welcome to prime time, dear listener. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987). Directed by Chuck Russell. Starring Heather Langenkamp, Robert Englund, Patricia Arquette, Rodney Eastman, Laurence Fishburne.

#113 - Goldfinger (1964)

Julkaistu 19.11.2020

Goldfinger, the film that made Sean Connery a household name. The film that defined the franchise. In remembrance of the late Sean Connery, The Flick Lab goes once more to visit Bond. Episode guest appearance by Tom Frankland. Goldfinger (1964). Directed by Guy Hamilton. Starring Sean Connery, Honor Blackman, Gert Fröbe, Harold Sakata, Shirley Eaton.

#112 - Outer Space (1999)

Julkaistu 12.11.2020

What happens when an avant-garde director makes a 'found footage' short film out of the film reels of another film? For example the reality-bender called Outer Space. Outer Space (1999). Directed by Peter Tscherkassky. Starring Barbara Hershey.

#111 - Sin Nombre (2009)

Julkaistu 5.11.2020

Cary Joji Fukunaga’s debut feature Sin Nombre tells of Mexican gangs and the perilous journey to the US border in hopes of making the cross. Heard this somewhere before? Probably. Is the Mexican border the final frontier for Americans? Why are so many films made from the subject? Does anything enable Sin Nombre rise up above similar films? What is Fukunaga's goal? Sin Nombre (2009). Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. Starring Edgar Flores, Paulina Gaitan, Kristyan Ferrer, Tenoch Huerta, Giovani Florido.

#110 - Suspiria (2018)

Julkaistu 29.10.2020

Horror remakes may rarely be worth your time, but what happens when Luca Guadagnino reimagines Dario Argento’s Suspiria? Instead of deep reds, it's now coldness and realism. Topics include also feminism, German Autumn, the Third Reich analogies and the relevance of the several subplots to the story. Suspiria (2018). Directed by Luca Guadagnino. Starring Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Angela Winkler, Mia Goth, Chloë Grace Moretz.

#109 - Suspiria (1977)

Julkaistu 22.10.2020

The horror classic 'Suspiria' splits opinions. Is it failed feminism or is it misogynistic? Is it giallo or not? Is it a good film? Is it a happy accident? What is the Suspiria trilogy, and are the followups in the same league? What about the rest of the Dario Argento resume? This and more within. Suspiria (1977). Directed by Dario Argento. Starring Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Alida Valli, Joan Bennett, Barbara Magnolfi. Episode image "Haus zum Walfisch" by Joergens.mi, used under CC BY-SA 3.0.

#108 - HANN (2018)

Julkaistu 15.10.2020

HANN is an Icelandic LGBT short film that took the Youtube by storm and has emotionally affected and helped the minority youth around the world. Director Runar Thor and lead actor Ásgeir Sigurðsson (Andri) kindly joined us to discuss the film in detail, the effect it has had, as well as their future projects. Special thanks for episode to Hannu Björkbacka. HANN (2018). Directed by Runar Þór Sigurbjörnsson. Starring Ásgeir Sigurðsson, David Gudbrandsson, Bryndís Ásmundsdóttir.

#107 - Cuties (2020)

Julkaistu 8.10.2020

There is a huge public outcry to even ban the Netflix film 'Cuties'. There are claims that the film is child sexual exploitation. Has the American cancel culture gone too far? Cuties (2020). Directed by Maïmouna Doucouré. Starring Fathia Youssouf, Médina El Aidi-Azouni, Esther Gohourou, Ilanah Cami-Goursolas, Myriam Hamma.

#106 - Dune (1984)

Julkaistu 1.10.2020

In anticipation of Denis Villeneuve's Dune, Karri and Henrik look at David Lynch's Dune. The director has himself disowned the film and blamed studio meddling for the shape it took. Dune (1984). Directed by David Lynch. Starring Kyle MacLachlan, Brad Dourif, José Ferrer, Kenneth McMillan, Sting.

#105 - The Staggering Girl (2019)

Julkaistu 24.9.2020

A 'staggering' stream of consciousness hits you in the short film 'The Staggering Girl' from director Luca Guadagnino. Where does the fine line go between narrative cohesion and artistic stream of consciousness, before the audience will raise their grievances? As usual, there is no straight answer. The film is streaming on The Staggering Girl (2019). Directed by Luca Guadagnino. Starring Julianne Moore, Kyle MacLachlan, Marthe Keller, Kiki Layne, Alba Rohrwacher.

#104 - Peninsula (2020) (반도)

Julkaistu 17.9.2020

Peninsula, the long-awaited zombie sequel to the 'Train to Busan' hit film is here. Can it possibly live up to its predecessor? How does an entire city work in lieu of a train? Does 'Peninsula' have anything worthwhile left to say, politically or otherwise? Either way, does it matter, and what does? Peninsula (2020) (반도 / Bando). Directed by Yeon Sang-ho. Starring Gang Dong-won, Lee Jung-hyun, Lee Re, Kwon Hae-hyo, Kim Min-jae.

#103 - Train to Busan (2016) (부산행)

Julkaistu 9.9.2020

Zombie cinema has historically been societally poignant commentary. So is Train to Busan. But is the film ground-breaking or simply old tricks with a solid execution? The real-life roots of the film, such as the sinking of MV Sewol are discussed. Train to Busan (부산행 / Busanhaeng) (2016). Directed by Yeon Sang-ho. Starring Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-seok, Jung Yu-mi, Kim Su-an, Choi Woo-shik.

#102 - Seoul Station (2016) (서울역)

Julkaistu 3.9.2020

Karri and Henrik start the 'Train to Busan' zombie series with Seoul Station, which leads to the roots of the Yeon Sang-ho as an anime director. Is this 'Train' prequel of sorts worth of ones non-zombified time? Answers here within. Seoul Station (2016) (서울역). Directed by Yeon Sang-ho. Starring Ryu Seung-ryong, Shim Eun-kyung, Lee Joon.

#101 - There Will Be Spring (2020) (Syksyn jälkeen saapuu kevät)

Julkaistu 27.8.2020

'There Will Be Spring' is a new Finnish drama film depicting a Karelian family of war evacuees relocating to a new town as a consequence of the war against Russia in the 1940's. The themes revolve around racism, lust, loss and war. Our guests are writer-director Annika Grof and producer-editor Joon Tervakari. 'There Will Be Spring' trailer audio used under permission from Joon Tervakari / Tarasow Films Oy.

#100 - The Hundredth

Julkaistu 24.7.2020

Episode 100. Why do it? What kind of monster have we created? It's time for celebration, supposedly. The Flick Lab will now take a break and will return on 27th August.

#99 - The Sprinkler Sprinkled (1895) (L'Arroseur Arrosé)

Julkaistu 17.7.2020

The world's first known narrative film was a 45-second long film from the Lumière Brothers, who are often seen as the fathers of cinema. But were they the fathers after all? When were the moving images invented? Is it even possible to say when the cinema was born? Tracking down the 'firsts' of film may be much more difficult than expected. L'Arroseur Arrosé (1895). Starring François Clerc, Benoît Duval. Directed by Louis Lumière.

#98 - Zombie Strippers (2008)

Julkaistu 9.7.2020

Zombie Strippers. That is all the preamble required. Directed by Jay Lee. Starring Jenna Jameson, Robert Englund, Roxy Saint, Penny Vital, Whitney Anderson.

#97 - Alien (1979)

Julkaistu 2.7.2020

Exactly how sexual is the film Alien? Do aliens dance or operate ships? Is the technology aboard Nostromo practical? One of the most influential sci-fi films in history turns 41. Directed by Ridley Scott. Starring Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Ian Holm, Veronica Cartwright, Yaphet Kotto.

#96 - An Andalusian Dog (1929) (Un chien andalou)

Julkaistu 25.6.2020

How to analyse a film that is not meant to be analysed? Here we simply have 21 minutes of surreal imagery inspired by dreams. The world-famous painter Salvador Dali co-wrote his first film, with Luis Buñuel. The film does not follow any conventional narrative structure - rather, it embraces the freedom of artistic expression with little to no structure. Welcome to surrealist cinema. Directed by Luis Buñuel. Starring Simone Mareuil, Pierre Batcheff, Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dali, Robert Hommet.

#95 - Time to Hunt (2020) (사냥의 시간)

Julkaistu 18.6.2020

Director Yoon Sung-hyun (Bleak Night, 2011) returns from his nearly 9-year hiatus with Time to Hunt, a South Korean dystopian heist thriller, now doing rounds on Netflix. The crew has created something relatively unique in their market. Will the film maintain its attractiveness to the end? Lee Sangmok pays us a short visit to provide his South Korean insights. 사냥의 시간 / Sanyangui Sigan (2020). Directed by Yoon Sung-hyun. Starring Lee Je-hoon, Ahn Jae-hong, Choi Woo-shik, Park Jung-min, Park Hae

#94 - Corpus Christi (2019) (Boże Ciało)

Julkaistu 11.6.2020

Poland's 2019 Oscar nominee Corpus Christi has something in store for everyone - whether you're a believer or not. The new hot property director of Poland, Jan Komasa, has displayed his versatility, shifting from action to slow burns throughout his career. Join Karri and Henrik as they break down his most famous work yet. Boże Ciało (2019). Directed by Jan Komasa. Starring Bartosz Bielenia, Aleksandra Konieczna, Eliza Rycembel, Tomasz Zietek, Zdzisław Wardejn.

#93 - No Man's Land (2001) (Ničija zemlja)

Julkaistu 5.6.2020

No Man's Land throws the audience in the middle of the peak Bosnian War and tells the story of Nino and Ciki, soldiers from opposing sides, who get stuck in the no man's land. Our guest Daniel Tarade was born in Bosnia and lives now in Toronto, Ontario. Daniel Tarade and Matt Steckle's blog page: Ničija zemlja (2001). Directed by Danis Tanović. Starring Branko Đurić, Rene Bitorajac, Filip Šovagović, Katrin Cartlidge, Georges Siatidis.

#92 - A Trip to the Moon (1902) (Le voyage dans la lune)

Julkaistu 29.5.2020

Somewhere around here, the cinema was born. Many of us know the iconic shot of the moon-face who gets hit in the eye by a spacecraft - even if you haven't seen A Trip to the Moon. This most well-known early fictional film was a huge success, groundbreaking and highly influential for the future of cinema as we know it. Georges Méliès brought the concept of the narrative film to the world stage. Join Karri and Henrik as they explain how 'The Moon' changed everything.

#91 - Brother (1997) (Брат)

Julkaistu 21.5.2020

The famous Russian director Sergei Bodrov's son, Bodrov Jr, became a beloved actor in the country, and even a role model for the youth, after 'Brother' (1997). In this neo-noir gangster film, Danila joins his brother's business as a paid assassin. 'Brother' became the huge unexpected smash-hit of the 90's in the country. Our guest is Tom Frankland. Brother / Brat / Брат (1997). Directed by Aleksei Balabanov. Starring Sergei Bodrov Jr., Viktor Sukhorukov, Yury Kuznetsov, Vyacheslav Butusov.

#90 - Breathless (1960) (À bout de souffle)

Julkaistu 14.5.2020

What is the appeal of the French New Wave of cinema? What are its origins? What is the Auteur Theory? A thief tries to persuade a girl to elope with her. The Flick Lab investigates Breathless, directed by Jean-Luc Godard. Breathless / À bout de souffle (1960). Directed by Jean-Luc Godard. Starring Jean Seberg, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Daniel Boulanger, Henri-Jacques Huet, Roger Hanin. Hosted by Karri Ojala and Henrik Telkki. Edit by Karri Ojala. The Flick Lab theme tune by Nick Grivell.

#89 - Cosy Dens (1999) (Pelíšky)

Julkaistu 7.5.2020

Cosy Dens, internationally the most successful film from Czech Republic, throws some dark humor on the daily lives under communism around the time of Prague Spring. Our Czech guest Ondřej Sedlář kindly came to help us analyse the film. Pelíšky (1999). Directed by Jan Hřebejk. Starring Miroslav Donutil, Jiří Kodet, Michael Beran, Kristýna Nováková, Simona Stašová.

#88 - Nobody Knows (2004) (誰も知らない)

Julkaistu 30.4.2020

This week in the podcast, a film inspired by the Sugamo child abandonment case, where a mother left her five children in a flat in Tokyo and never returned. Among the many topics discussed are the real-life case, child social services, human disregard as well as Hirokazu Kore-eda's film and how it differs from the actual events. Our guest is Sho Watanabe from Japan. Dare mo shiranai / 誰も知らない (2004). Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda. Starring Yûya Yagira, Ayu Kitaura, Hiei Kimura, Momoko Sh

#87 - Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Julkaistu 23.4.2020

"Tremendous, stupendous, gargantuan bedazzlement, a sensual ravishment!" Moulin Rouge as described by Moulin Rouge. The story of a cabaret courtesan who falls in love with a penniless play-writer. Is there enough "sensual ravishment" to recommend the film? Moulin Rouge! (2001). Directed by Baz Luhrmann. Starring Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, Richard Roxburgh, Jim Broadbent, John Leguizamo. Hosted by Karri Ojala and Henrik Telkki. Edit by Karri Ojala. The Flick Lab theme tune by Nick Grivell.

#86 - Cinema Paradiso (1988)

Julkaistu 16.4.2020

Will you choose your artistic passion or love? Is there a heart-breaking dichotomy between things that matter? Cinema Paradiso, the "deeply moving" ode to cinema and childhood. Score by Ennio Morricone, directed by Italy's visionary auteur Giuseppe Tornatore. Cinema Paradiso / Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988). Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. Starring Philippe Noiret, Marco Leonardi, Salvatore Cascio, Jacques Perrin, Isa Danieli.

#85 - The Little World of Don Camillo (1952)

Julkaistu 9.4.2020

A communist politician and a conservative priest hate each other's world views in a small town in post-World War II Italy. Will they be able to co-exist? The first film adaptation of the Don Camillo stories by Giovannino Guareschi is now under The Lab's intense scrutiny. Don Camillo (1952). Directed by Julien Duvivier. Violin Concerto in E major, RV 269 'Spring' - I. Allegro by John Harrison; CC BY-SA 3.0; used as a derivative; sourced from .

#84 - Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Julkaistu 2.4.2020

Jeepers Creepers is a horror film that back in the day made an impression on the critics with its 80's vibes and simplicity. It also did make an impression on the hosts Karri and Henrik, and our guest Aku. But almost 20 years on, is the appeal of the monster and the plot still holding up? Jeepers Creepers (2001). Directed by Victor Salva. Starring Justin Long, Gina Philips, Jonathan Breck, Patricia Belcher, Brandon Smith.

#83 - Spectre (2015)

Julkaistu 26.3.2020

Karri and Henrik investigate what went wrong with Spectre. It is often seen as a troubled product, and there is no shortage of discussion points. Why does the 3rd act collapse in on itself? What is up with the dialogue? Why these color grading choices? Is Dave Bautista's Hinx part of Spectre, or just a very random gate crasher? This and more, much more in this week's episode. Spectre (2015). Directed by Sam Mendes. Starring Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes, Monica Bellucci.

#82 - Jurassic Park (1993)

Julkaistu 19.3.2020

For a change, The Flick Lab looks at a film that almost everyone has seen. All will be revealed, including InGen's secret human clone trials, Nedry's brain failures, Jurassic teleportation powers and how the goats are delivered to T-Rexes - all exclusively here in The Flick Lab.

#81 - Coriolanus (2011)

Julkaistu 12.3.2020

William Shakespeare's Coriolanus was adapted and modernised into a film by Ralph Fiennes. What makes Coriolanus' story so timeless and timely, even inauspicious? Does the Elizabethian English language juxtaposed with modern setting induce challenges and detract from the film's lure? Coriolanus (2011). Directed by Ralph Fiennes. Starring Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox, Jessica Chastain.

#80 - The Birth of a Nation (1915)

Julkaistu 5.3.2020

An extremely racist film, which also glorified a certain well-known hate group clan, is also possibly the most technically appreciated silent film ever made. Should The Birth of a Nation be shown in film schools for its technical merits? Does the film hold historical value or should it be outright banned? The Birth of a Nation (1915). Directed by D.W. Griffith. Starring Henry B. Walthall, Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, Miriam Cooper, Mary Alden.

#79 - Casino Royale (2006)

Julkaistu 28.2.2020

Daniel Craig's first James Bond film is now under loop in The Flick Lab Bond Marathon. Why didn't Pierce Brosnan return? What are the differences between Dalton and Craig? Was a reboot necessary for the franchise?

Bonus: Kino Kameralne Cafe interview with Piotr

Julkaistu 24.2.2020

The Flick Lab traveled to Gdansk, Poland to interview Piotr from Kino Kameralne Cafe. Placed in the heart of Gdansk's old town, this kino loves to rotate international cinema. We discussed how Piotr ended up running a movie theater, challenges, future plans and what a day in the life working in a cinema looks like. Kino Kameralne Cafe home page: Many thanks to Piotr from Kino Kameralne Cafe and TFL's Gdansk assistant Tomasz Gromek.

#78 - Parasite (2019) (기생충)

Julkaistu 21.2.2020

Are we all parasites? This is the gigantic breakdown of the current record-breaking super hit from Korea, the first foreign-film Best Picture winner in the entire Oscars history! So metaphorical. Parasite (2019). Directed by Bong Joon Ho. Starring Song Kang-ho, Choi Woo-shik, Cho Yeo-jeong, Park So-dam.

#77 - Gone with the Wind (1939)

Julkaistu 13.2.2020

The podcast time-travels to a 1930's interpretation of an 1860's fictional romance during the American Civil War. Gone with the Wind (1939). Directed by Victor Fleming, George Cukor, Sam Wood. Starring Thomas Mitchell, Barbara O'Neil, Vivien Leigh, Hattie McDaniel.

#76 - Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992)

Julkaistu 6.2.2020

Karri and Henrik investigate the roots and reasons for the early downfall of the Hellraiser horror franchise. It is generally considered the quality dropped considerably after the first two entries. Was it greed? Indifference? Dimension Films? Harvey Weinstein? All of them? Hosted by Karri Ojala and Henrik Telkki. Edit by Karri Ojala. The Flick Lab theme tune by Nick Grivell.

#75 - Die Another Day (2002)

Julkaistu 30.1.2020

The Flick Lab returns from its winter break. Bond Marathon continues with a film that has been claimed to almost kill the franchise - Die Another Day. Here, Bond is seen sporting the infamous invisible car and surfing between glaciers in Iceland. Did the film 'jump the shark' and why? Why didn't Brosnan return as Bond? In a completely unexpected turn of events, the Lab's so far biggest disagreements boil over between Karri and Henrik regarding Die Another Day.

#74 - Cinema Challenge 2019 Wrap-Up

Julkaistu 2.1.2020

International Cinema Challenge 2019 is over. The Flick Lab looks back at the challenge with a Finnish listener Heli Sandström, who watched all the 20 films in the challenge. Hosted by Karri Ojala and Henrik Telkki. Guest Heli Sandström. Edit by Karri Ojala. The Flick Lab theme tune by Nick Grivell. Miroirs, 3. Une barque sur l'Océan by Maurice Ravel performed by Luis Sarro, released under Creative Commons Public Domain license at

#73 - GoldenEye (1995)

Julkaistu 26.12.2019

It's time for 007 vs. 006. Join The Flick Lab for the in-depth analysis of GoldenEye, Pierce Brosnan's debut as James Bond in 1995. Our guests are Matt Spaiser from The Suits of James Bond and Tom Frankland the Bond expert. This episode is part of The Flick Lab's 'James Bond Marathon', where one Bond episode will be released every last Thursday of the month leading up to the release of No Time to Die (2020).

#72 - Come and See (1985) (Иди и смотри)

Julkaistu 19.12.2019

Karri and Henrik delve into horrifying war imagery just in time for Christmas. After all, Yuletide is all about family ties, and so is the Soviet film Come and See. Come and See has been on countless lists as one of the best or the best war film ever made. Idi i smotri (1985). Directed by Elem Klimov. Starring Aleksey Kravchenko, Olga Mironova, Liubomiras Laucevicius, Vladas Bagdonas.

#71 - Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)

Julkaistu 12.12.2019

The box that opens the doors of hell has returned. Karri and Henrik go after a film that they're quite familiar with - Hellbound: Hellraiser II, the successful sequel to the original Clive Barker's Hellraiser. Kirsty is haunted again by hell's adjutants, the Cenobites. Was a sequel warranted? Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988). Directed by Tony Randel. Starring Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Kenneth Cranham, Doug Bradley.

#70 - The Unknown Soldier (1955) (Tuntematon sotilas)

Julkaistu 6.12.2019

To coincide with the Finnish Independence Day, The Flick Lab analyses the most well-known Finnish film inside Finland - The Unknown Soldier (Tuntematon sotilas). It's an adaptation of Väinö Linna's novel regarding the Finnish Continuation War against the Soviet Union. Karri and Henrik break down some key elements of the Finnish Winter War, Continuation War and the 1955 film itself. Tuntematon sotilas (1955). Directed by Edvin Laine. Starring Reino Tolvanen, Åke Lindman, Jussi Jurkka, Tauno Palo.

#69 - Licence to Kill (1989)

Julkaistu 28.11.2019

In Licence to Kill, the James Bond franchise attempted to somewhat reinvent itself. After over a decade of light-hearted Roger Moore Bond films, it was time to get back to the source material and make Bond more gritty with Timothy Dalton. Is this a welcome return to the spirit of the books of Ian Fleming? Recurring Bond guest in the booth is Tom Frankland. Licence to Kill (1989). Directed by John Glen. Starring Timothy Dalton, Robert Davi, Carey Lowell, Talisa Soto.

#68 - The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)

Julkaistu 21.11.2019

Crazy! Some reviewers have laughed so much at this film they've had tears in their eyes through most of the running time. This is also the most commercially successful film in the history of South Africa. Is 'The Gods Must Be Crazy' really that funny and how deep do its themes go? The show is joined by a South African guest Matt.

#67 - Uninvited (1988)

Julkaistu 14.11.2019

Are you a cat person? How about a demonic mutant cat person? In Uninvited, wealthy criminals make the calamitous decision to bring a lab cat on board their yacht. Make no mistake, this is a terrible horror film. But is it so bad that it's rather enjoyable? Uninvited (1988). Directed by Greydon Clark. Starring Mike Harvery, Alex Cord, Clu Gulager, Shari Shattuck. Hosted by Karri Ojala and Henrik Telkki. Audio production by Karri Ojala. The Flick Lab theme tune by Nick Grivell.

#66 - The Promised Land (1975) (Ziemia obiecana)

Julkaistu 8.11.2019

One of the most respected Polish films of all time, The Promised Land (Ziemia obiecana) is a film based on a book about the hardships during industrial revolution and capitalism in the Polish city of Łódź. How will two Finnish film podcast hosts see this classic film? Our Polish guest is Magda Hutny. Ziemia obiecana (1975). Directed by Andrzej Wajda. Starring Daniel Olbrychski, Wojciech Pszoniak, Andrzej Seweryn, Anna Nehrebecka.

#65 - The Living Daylights (1987)

Julkaistu 28.10.2019

Timothy Dalton's debut as James Bond. Did Bond drive a Land Rover off an actual suicide cliff? Did the director call the leading lady's dress a piece of table cloth? Is the film having a Roger Moore hangover? Is Bond actually fighting with the Taliban? This is most likely the most thorough investigation of The Living Daylights ever recorded. The Living Daylights (1987). Directed by John Glen. Starring Timothy Dalton, Maryam d'Abo, Jeroen Krabbé, John Rhys-Davies.

#64 - The Blue Light (2003) (青の炎)

Julkaistu 24.10.2019

A Japanese guy living in Finland, Daiki-san, will share his fascinating background, as well as perspective on the Japanese thriller drama, The Blue Light. What will happen when Shuuichi's life collapses around him and he can't turn back the clock? Join Daiki, Karri and Henrik to find out. 'The Blue Light' (2003) (Ao no honou). Directed by Yukio Ninagawa. Starring Kazunari Ninomiya, Aya Matsuura, Anne Suzuki, Kumiko Akiyoshi. Daiki's blog: Daiki's Twitter: @Okonomiyakiguy

#63 - Death Wish (1974)

Julkaistu 17.10.2019

If you got a death wish, you got a date with Charles Bronson - or is it Paul Kersey. He's out to wipe clean the streets of 1970's New York of crime, with crime. All because of a Jeff Goldblum. Has Death Wish rightfully acquired its fame as one of the ultimate vigilante films? This is a listener recommendation from Łukasz (Poland). / Death Wish (1974). Directed by Michael Winner. Starring Charles Bronson, Vincent Gardenia, Steven Keats, Hope Lange.

#62 - The Terminator (1984)

Julkaistu 10.10.2019

Pack yourself full of charm with pipe bombs and hobo pants; a burger joint lady has been targeted for infatuation. / The Terminator (1984). Directed by James Cameron. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, Earl Boen.

#61 - Yeelen (1987)

Julkaistu 3.10.2019

Two Finnish gentlemen are trying to make sense out of their by far most challenging international film yet. Yeelen is a deep dive into the African country Mali, its culture, beliefs, languages, history... and the sorcery of one blood-thirsty father, out to kill his son! / Yeelen (Brightness) (1987). Directed by Souleymane Cissé. Starring Issiaka Kane, Aoua Sangare, Niamanto Sanogo, Balla Moussa Keita.

#60 - Never Say Never Again (1983)

Julkaistu 27.9.2019

Sean Connery's last outing as James Bond, Never Say Never Again. Connery joined forces with producer Kevin McClory to make an 'unofficial' James Bond film which is a rehash of Thunderball. The Flick Lab goes through all the subjectively best and worst Bond films from each actor who played Bond until the release of No Time to Die (2020). The Lab unanimously voted Never Say Never Again as the worst Bond film from Sean Connery. Do you agree with the verdict?

#59 - Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004) (태극기)

Julkaistu 19.9.2019

The Brotherhood of War was the most successful Korean film at its time. It's a story of two brothers thrown into the Korean War. It was successful internationally and praised by critics. Our guest to explain its cultural nuances is Lee from South Korea. This episode is part of The Flick Lab International Cinema Challenge 2019. Join and find out more on our home page. / Taegukgi Hwinallimyeo (2004). Directed by Kang Je-kyu. Starring Jang Dong-gun, Won Bin, Choi Min-sik, Kong Hyeong-jin.

#58 - The Matrix (1999)

Julkaistu 13.9.2019

The Matrix was a revolutionary sci-fi film that introduced the world to concepts like the Bullet Time and brought to front some exciting existential questions. The Lab now dissects the entire film and touches on multiple of its philosophical points. How has the film aged 20 years on? This film is a listener recommendation from Teemu. / The Matrix (1999). Directed by Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski (as the Wachowski Brothers). Starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving.

#57 - Sugar Cane Alley (1983) (La Rue Cases-Nègres)

Julkaistu 6.9.2019

Martiniquan film episode. Black people were being exploited as cheap labor by the whites in sugar plantations in the 1930's Caribbean. But one grandmother has a tireless quest to get her grandson out of the cycle. That is Sugar Cane Alley, a Martiniquan film. We are joined by Sébastien from Martinique who owns a sugar cane plantation on this Caribbean island. / Rue cases nègres (1983). Directed by Euzhan Palcy. Starring Garry Cadenat, Darling Légitimus, Douta Seck, Joël Palcy.

#56 - Moonraker (1979)

Julkaistu 29.8.2019

Karri and Henrik are joined yet again by the Bond expert Mr. Tom Frankland, in a very thorough autopsy on Moonraker. Where does the line go before larger-than-life becomes too comical for its own good? Or is Moonraker simply sometimes misunderstood, top-notch entertainment? / Moonraker (1979). Directed by Lewis Gilbert. Starring Roger Moore, Lois Chiles, Michael Lonsdale, Richard Kiel.

#55 - Shenmue: The Movie (2001) (シェンムー・ザ・ムービー)

Julkaistu 22.8.2019

A movie out of an actual video game? That's what Shenmue: The Movie is, and a film made out of the most expensive video game ever made. But does a film made out of video game cut scenes work at all when inspected as a proper film? It certainly is an interesting case study of what works and doesn't, and why. / Directed by Yu Suzuki. Starring Corey Marshall, Ruth Hollyman, Paul Lucas, Robert Jefferson.

#54 - The Adopted Son (1998) (Beshkempir)

Julkaistu 15.8.2019

Kyrgyz film episode. The Adopted Son (Beshkempir) is a Kyrgyz coming-of-age story centered around the boy Beshkempir in a remote village. We are joined by Baiaman and Kenny from Kyrgyzstan to explain all the cultural nuances of the film. This film is the #13 out of 20 in The Flick Lab's International Cinema Challenge 2019. Beshkempir (1998). Directed by Aktan Abdykalykov (Aktan Arym Kubat). Starring Mirlan Abdykalykov, Adir Abilkassimov, Mirlan Cinkozoev, Albina Imasheva.

#53 - Pippi in the South Seas (1970) (Pippi Långstrump på de sju haven)

Julkaistu 8.8.2019

Swedish film episode. Pippi Longstocking is perhaps the most beloved children's story from Sweden. But is Pippi racist? Does the film hold up today? What contributes to the enduring success of Pippi? What is the general rivalry between Sweden and Finland all about? / Pippi Långstrump på de sju haven (1970). Directed by Olle Hellbom. Starring Inger Nilsson, Maria Persson, Pär Sundberg, Beppe Wolgers, Martin Ljung.

#52 - Hong Kil-dong (1986)

Julkaistu 1.8.2019

Even North Korea does cinema - and once it did so by kidnapping a director from South to North for the purpose of making movies for the "Supreme Leader" Kim Jong-il. One of the films the South Korean Shin Sang-ok directed for him was Hong Kil-dong. / Directed by Kil-in Kim, Sang-ok Shin. Starring Kye-Sung Chan, Kye-Sung Chan, Sun-bu Choe, Yong Il Hwan.

#51 - The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Julkaistu 25.7.2019

Super tanker eating submarines to destroy the world. Henchman with lethal chromium teeth. The 10th Bond film had the ambitious goal to get Bond back to the heights of its glory days. It was highly successful and praised by fans and critics alike. So is it 'The biggest, the best, Bond and beyond'? Let's find out. Our guest is Tom Frankland. / Directed by Lewis Gilbert. Starring Roger Moore, Barbara Bach, Curd Jürgens, Richard Kiel. / The Flick Lab theme tune by Nick Grivell.

#50 - The Fiftieth Special

Julkaistu 18.7.2019

Episode 50 special! The Flick Lab celebrates 1-year anniversary. How and why did this monster get made? What is it really like to do a podcast? Who are the hosts Karri and Henrik? Reminiscing, reflections, debates, laughs, games, shoutouts. Also listener questions, suggestions and feedback all answered. Content warning: this is by far our longest episode to date, just shy of 7 hours. Good luck, you maniac.

#49 - Prisoner of the Mountains (1996) (Кавказский пленник)

Julkaistu 10.7.2019

Two Russian soldiers get captured in Caucasus mountains. This acclaimed film from Sergei Bodrov was nominated for an Oscar. The Lab finds peculiar and interesting tones in the film. This episode is part of the Lab's International Cinema Challenge 2019. For full list of films in the challenge, visit our social media pages. / Kavkazskiy plennik (1996). Directed by Sergei Bodrov. Starring Sergei Bodrov Jr., Oleg Menshikov, Susanna Mekhraliyeva, Jemal Sikharulidze.

#48 - A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985)

Julkaistu 4.7.2019

Often coined "The Gay Nightmare", The Lab investigates why Nightmare On Elm Street 2 got its homosexual tone, which the screenwriter has said was intended as subtext. Other series curiosities here include the possession theme. Karri and Henrik have highly opposing views on the film.

#47 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

Julkaistu 27.6.2019

The name is Lazenby. George Lazenby. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - or how an Australian car salesman and model cheated his way into the role of the world's most famous secret agent - and then unceremoniously left it after only one movie. As the film's trailer proclaims, this one is certainly different, and our opinions will be all over the spectrum. / Directed by Peter Hunt. Starring George Lazenby, Diana Rigg, Telly Savalas, Ilse Steppat.

#46 - The Lion King (1994)

Julkaistu 20.6.2019

The Lion King is one of the most successful animated films ever made. But is it as original as Disney claims it to be, and does its moral lessons have cohesity? / Directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff. Starring Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Rowan Atkinson.

#45 - Stray Dogs (2013) (郊遊)

Julkaistu 13.6.2019

Taiwanese film episode. A story of a poor, alcoholic man struggling to provide for his family. Stray Dogs is an award-winning art film from Taiwan. A true masterpiece or an overconfident film gone wrong? / Jiao you (2013). Directed by Tsai Ming-liang. Starring Lee Kang-sheng, Yang Kuei-Mei, Lee Yi Cheng, Lee Yi Chieh.

#44 - Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Julkaistu 7.6.2019

To coincide with several LGBT Pride events, the podcast will analyse the film Call Me By Your Name. The film has pulled many people at the heartstrings. It certainly did that to us. / Directed by Luca Guadagnino. Starring Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet, Michael Stuhlbarg, Esther Garrel.

#43 - From Russia With Love (1963)

Julkaistu 30.5.2019

The lab starts its James Bond run. Every last Thursday of the month will be a 007 week until the release of Bond 25. Each Bond actor will get the spotlight with the Lab's favorites and least favorite films from their run. In this first Bond episode, Karri and Henrik join with their guest Tom Frankland. From Russia With Love is often the fan favorite out of Sean Connery's run as Bond or the entire series.

#42 - Dead Poets Society (1989)

Julkaistu 23.5.2019

The Lab visits the often beloved and guest-recommended film Dead Poets Society. Robin Williams plays the new teacher in a traditional boarding school, where his unorthodox teaching methods raise concerns. Karri and Henrik reminisce their own times at school and whether their teachers would've allowed walking on their desks. / (1989). Directed by Peter Weir. Starring Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke, Kurtwood Smith.

#41 - The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970)

Julkaistu 16.5.2019

The late Sir Roger Moore has named his performance as Harold Pelham (and his doppelgänger) in The Man Who Haunted Himself as his career-favorite. The Lab commemorates Moore by analysing the film. / (1970). Directed by Basil Dearden. Starring Roger Moore, Hildegard Neil, Freddie Jones, Olga Georges-Picot.

#40 - A Screaming Man (2010) (Un homme qui crie)

Julkaistu 9.5.2019

A Screaming Man is a Chadian film about a family being ripped apart from the inside and outside, during a civil war. What makes you do consciously the wrong choices? The lab investigates. / A Screaming Man (Un homme qui crie) (2010). Directed by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun. Starring Youssouf Djaoro, Diouc Koma, Emile Abossolo M'bo, Djénéba Koné.

#39 - Ghost in the Shell (1995) (攻殻機動隊)

Julkaistu 2.5.2019

A highly detailed sci-fi plot with existential pondering. Possibly the most respected anime film of all time. Yet this time, Karri and Henrik will agree on almost nothing at all. Topics in this episode include the soul and what it means to be human. / Ghost in the Shell (Koukaku Kidoutai) (1995). Directed by Mamoru Oshii. Starring Atsuko Tanaka, Akio Outsuka, Kouichi Yamadera, Yutaka Nakano.

#38 - The Bridge (1959) (Die Brücke)

Julkaistu 25.4.2019

German episode. The Bridge (1959) is based on a real story of 16-year old German friends who are called to army during the last days of the war for a futile defense of a bridge. Karri and Henrik investigate the history of the director Bernhard Wicki, the film and how it affected the post-war Germany. / Die Brücke (1959). Directed by Bernhard Wicki. Starring Folker Bohnet, Fritz Wepper, Volker Lechtenbrink, Michael Hinz.

#37 - Blade Runner (1982)

Julkaistu 19.4.2019

The original Blade Runner brought the cyberpunk genre to the map. Four replicants have escaped and a blade runner must terminate them. Topics touched in this episode include the chaotic history of the film with its several versions, conflicting interviews, as well as the meaning of the title. / Blade Runner (1982). Directed by Ridley Scott. Starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, Edward James Olmos.

#36 - Uzumaki (2000) (うずまき)

Julkaistu 11.4.2019

Uzumaki (also known as Spiral) is a Japanese horror film about a town that suffers from a curse of spirals. This horror tale of striking visuals is based on the manga of Junji Ito. With our guest Noora, who lived in Japan, we all spiral out of control. / Uzumaki (2000), Japan. Directed by Higuchinsky. Starring Eriko Hatsune, Fhi Fan, Keiko Takahashi, Ren Osugi.

#35 - Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010) (ลุงบุญมีระลึกชาติ)

Julkaistu 4.4.2019

Thai episode. Uncle Boonmee has an acute kidney disease. As he nears death, the past begins to permeate the present. Spirits blend among the living.Uncle Boonmee won the Palme d'Or of Cannes Film Festival in 2010. Is the film controversial and is this long-takes art house film worth the hype? Our Thai guest is Annie.

#34 - Inuk (2010)

Julkaistu 28.3.2019

Greenlandic episode. Inuk's father dies. Inuk is sent to a childrens home away from his mom. In the new town, he rediscovers the way of his people. How does the first Greenlandic film seen by Karri and Henrik work for them?

#33 - Dumbo (1941)

Julkaistu 21.3.2019

Dumbo. Is it a heart-warming tale of animal captivity, where the champagne-drinking baby elephant gets assistance from problematically portrayed crows to continue his life in captivity?

#32 - Hellraiser (1987)

Julkaistu 14.3.2019

Clive Barker terrified audiences with his unique vision of Hellraiser in 1987. Hellraiser started one of the most well-known horror franchises in the horror film universe. We will discuss not only the film, but the book and Hellraiser's possible homosexual tones.

#31 - Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Julkaistu 7.3.2019

Steven Spielberg. George Lucas. Fedoras and whips. Even nazis. One of the most recognizable silver screen heroes, Indiana Jones, is taken a close look as part of The Flick Lab's classic films round.

#30 - Akira (1988) (アキラ)

Julkaistu 28.2.2019

Akira is a landmark Japanese film. It brought anime to international stage and influenced countless works of art thereafter, including and most definitely not limited to Kill Bill and Metal Gear Solid. This is part of the podcasts spring theme of looking into some of the most iconic films and directors of all time.

#29 - Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1996) (Лепа села лепо горе)

Julkaistu 21.2.2019

Serbian film episode. Over 101.000 people died in the Bosnian War (1992-1995). How could something like this have happened in Europe so recently? Karri and Henrik investigate the war and the Serbian anti-war film Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (Lepa sela lepo gore) (1996) with our Serbian guest Mladen. This is part of The Flick Lab's International Film Challenge 2019 - film 3 of 20. See the challenge description on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

#28 - The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976)

Julkaistu 14.2.2019

'The greatest pornographic film of all time' is from an era when its genre was taken seriously. Porn films got theatrical releases in the 70's, had plots, were high budget, and were reviewed and discussed openly by people such as Roger Ebert. Should the pornographic film industry be taken seriously today?

#27 - Shiri (1999) (쉬리)

Julkaistu 7.2.2019

It destroyed Titanic at the Korean box office. It permanently transformed Asian cinema. At the heart a desperate cry for peace. Shiri, 20-year anniversary.

#26 - Chungking Express (1994) (重慶森林)

Julkaistu 31.1.2019

Hong Kongese film episode. Chungking Express is the mood-and-atmosphere piece by Wong Kar-Wai. Chungking was brought to western audiences by Quentin Tarantino who loves this film. Should we? Our guest is Hong Kongese Mitch Tam.

#25 - Citizen Kane (1941)

Julkaistu 24.1.2019

Citizen Kane, the greatest film ever made? That is the popular view of critics, or at least it's constantly among the 'top 10 greatest films ever' lists. Is it worthy of such honors? And what in god's name is the "rosebud"? Henrik and Karri will address all of these concerns, and more.

#24 - A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Julkaistu 17.1.2019

One, two, Freddy's coming for you... Nightmare on Elm Street. The historic landmark film that changed the world of horror. Join Karri and Henrik to find out if they see eye to eye on whether the film deserves its praise.

#23 - Apocalypse Now (1979)

Julkaistu 10.1.2019

Is it a film? What does it want to say? Do we want to know the answer? Borders between real and fictional get blurred in Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now.

#22 - Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Julkaistu 2.1.2019

"You think you're safe and alive, but you're already dead. Everybody! Him, you, you're dead already! This whole place, everything you see is gone!" Widely considered one the greatest action films of all time, we start the new year firing on all damn miniguns, with a film that needs no introduction - Terminator 2.

#21 - Six Degrees of Celebration (2010) (Ёлки)

Julkaistu 27.12.2018

Russian film episode. A girl in an orphanage lies that she's the daughter of the Russian president. To what lengths would her web of contacts go to make her story appear to be true? Whatever the cost. Our guest is our Russian correspondent Yana. Happy New Year!

#20 - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983) (戦場のメリークリスマス)

Julkaistu 20.12.2018

How long can you avoid cultural clashes in a Japanese camp for prisoners of war? Not long, finds Mr. Lawrence. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays from Karri and Henrik to our listeners.

#19 - White Hunter Black Heart (1990)

Julkaistu 13.12.2018

To shoot an elephant or to shoot your film? Now that is the question in Clint Eastwood's White Hunter Black Heart. Mr. Eastwood invites his film crew all the way to Africa, but his trip intentions have nothing to do with filming, leading to total chaos.

#18 - Inspector Palmu's Error (1960) (Komisario palmun erehdys)

Julkaistu 6.12.2018

Finnish film episode. Inspector Palmu's Error (Komisario palmun erehdys) was voted the best Finnish movie of all time in 2012 by critics of Finland. It's a so-called closed room detective thriller, based on the novel of Mika Waltari, the most famous writer of Finland. Is the film worth the hype? Karri and Henrik will find out.

#17 - Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Julkaistu 26.11.2018

Troglodytes terrorise townspeople in this western movie by the word-savvy first-time director S. Craig Zahler. Despite the low budget, some big names like Kurt Russell joined this project, known for its horror elements. Will this be a cult classic?

#16 - Pocahontas (1995)

Julkaistu 22.11.2018

How much of Disney's Pocahontas is true? We will cover not only the animated film; we will also cover the historical Pocahontas with breathtaking stories from the Virginia colony from over 400 years ago. Get ready for a mighty journey!

#15 - Horses of God (2012) (Les chevaux de Dieu)

Julkaistu 15.11.2018

Moroccan film episode. The worst attacks in Morocco's history happened in Casablanca in 2003. Join us for a discussion on the acclaimed film Horses of God (Les chevaux de Dieu) which tells the story. Our Moroccan guest is Anas.

#14 - In the Name of (2013) (W imię...)

Julkaistu 8.11.2018

Polish film episode. The Flick Lab kickstarts its international cinema episodes! We will cover one country-specific movie once a month.  / Priest Adam is frustrated by a secret. He does effective work with delinquent boys at a Catholic reformatory camp, until they find out that Adam is a homosexual. Our guest is Magda Hutny.

#13 - Halloween (2018)

Julkaistu 1.11.2018

Halloween 40 years later! Jamie Lee Curtis returns to reprise her role in this direct sequel to John Carpenter's original, ignoring all past sequels, to get back to basics. Was it worth it?

#12 - Halloween II (2009)

Julkaistu 25.10.2018

What is Rob Zombie's actual point of his Halloween II, and is there any? Is this yet another tired and violent teenage slasher or a misunderstood vista into the grim reality of life without popcorn and cotton candy? Find out with Karri and Henrik.

#11 - Halloween (2007)

Julkaistu 25.10.2018

After the last installment jeopardised the future of the franchise, Rob Zombie suggested to remake the original Halloween. But was it necessary on any level and can its existence be justified?

#10 - Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Julkaistu 18.10.2018

Halloween: Resurrection is infamous for two things: its massive retcon and Busta Rhymes. The movie takes the fad of the early 2000's reality TV and places the Big Brother -esque contestants of an internet TV show to the house of Michael Myers, the brutal mass murderer. To ensure further trendiness, the show is led by Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks. And remember: as soon as you press play on this episode - no one will be allowed to leave until the show is over! Let the Dangertainment begin-a!

#9 - Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)

Julkaistu 11.10.2018

Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her role as Laurie Strode! But is that and the 20-year anniversary enough to float the boat? Find out with Karri and Henrik. You can find The Flick Lab on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

#8 - Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Julkaistu 4.10.2018

In Halloween 6, disturbing events take place in an underground cavern to deliver a child in order to inherit an ancient curse of Thorn, so that more tribe descendants can be sacrificed to save potentially millions of people... Yeah, or something like that. What happened to the Halloween franchise? Find out with us.

#7 - Halloween 5 (1989)

Julkaistu 27.9.2018

We both know he's alive, but Jamie Lloyd knows where he's renting - in an old hermit's underground cavern! This time, they're unprepared! This time, he's a Native American! And this time, he's back with a Camaro, driving over children. Halloween 5. Rated X - almost.

#6 - Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

Julkaistu 20.9.2018

Michael Myers is back! Halloween 4 is often seen as a decent return to Haddonfield after 7 years. But will Henrik and Karri see eye to eye on this one?

#5 - Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

Julkaistu 13.9.2018

It's time! A wealthy businessman Conal Cochran has been in Halloween novelties business for at least 37 years. In Halloween 1982, planets are in alignment. The alignment decides on his behalf that Cochran must end his Halloween business by attempting to kill off his best salesman and all the kids specifically in the US West Coast area, as part of an ancient blood sacrifice ritual, because he is actually a warlock. Watch the magic pumpkin!

#4 - Halloween II (1981)

Julkaistu 6.9.2018

More Of The Night Horror Was Lit Right. Dean Cundey and his lighting gear have been relocated to Haddonfield Memorial Clinic, while Dick Warlock stalks camera operator Ray Stella... and sedated Laurie Strode. Get out now! You can find us also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

#3 - Halloween (1978)

Julkaistu 30.8.2018

All Of The Night He Came Home! Join Halloween fans Karri and Henrik for a very, very in-depth look at the landmark horror film, John Carpenter's Halloween.

#2 - The Big Lebowski (1998)

Julkaistu 23.8.2018

Henrik and Karri cover all the ins and outs and what-have-you's of The Big Lebowski, the cult comedy that has even resulted in a religion!

#1 - Rear Window (1954)

Julkaistu 14.8.2018

Join Karri and Henrik as they stalk through their first victim, Rear Window (1954), a classic directed by Alfred Hitchcock. We dive into forced symbolism, analyses of film analyses, film psychology and of course, plain old reviewing.

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