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The podcast about digital marketing.

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Yhteensä 25 jaksoa, joista ensimmäinen julkaistu 22.6.2015.

Mitä Cannesista ja Young Lions -kisasta jäi käteen?

Julkaistu 26.6.2017

Dinglen nuoret luovat Veera Hevosmaa ja Taneli Lahtinen nappasivat kultaa Young Lions Finland -kisan Cyber-kategoriassa ja pääsivät edustamaan Suomea Cannesiin finaaliin. Seurasin kaksikon matkaa Suomesta käsin ja haastattelin heitä ennen Cannesia, sen aikana ja kotiinpaluun jälkeen. Kuuntele ja ota voittajien vinkit talteen!

Pohdintaa politiikasta brändeihin – Dinglecastin haastattelussa Mikael Jungner

Julkaistu 30.3.2017

Pohdintaa politiikasta brändeihin – Dinglecastin haastattelussa Mikael Jungner by Dingle

Aivo-orgasmeilla eroon stressistä - Haastattelussa Whitewinterwhispers

Julkaistu 9.2.2017

Mitä ASMR on, miksi videoita tehdään ja katsellaan ja miksi markkinoijien kannattaa olla hereillä ilmiön suhteen? Näitä teemoja pohdiskellaan tässä jaksossa!

Advertising Week New York - Mitä jäi käteen?

Julkaistu 21.11.2016

Syys-lokakuun vaihteessa pääsimme Account Managerimme Karon kanssa vierailemaan Adwertising Weekilla New Yorkissa ja tässä jaksossa kertailemme mieleenpainuvimpia puheenvuoroja, oivalluksia ja kohtaamisia noiden neljän intensiivisen päivän ajalta. Mitä siis jäi käteen, sen kuulet tässä jaksossa.

Elokuvamarkkinoinnista, henkilöbrändäyksestä ja mielensäpahoittamisesta

Julkaistu 4.11.2016

Tuukka Temonen on elokuvaohjaaja, toimitusjohtaja, Apulannan ex-basisti, salaisesti ikuinen pikkupoika ja median paljastama mielensäpahoittaja. Mitä löytyy henkilöbrändin takaa ja kuinka tehokkaasti palstametrit kääntyvät katsojaluvuiksi? Tässä jaksossa tutustumme mieheen monien titteleiden takana.

From modern day careers to bears, tigers and source of creativity.

Julkaistu 1.9.2016

Aaron Sandhu ( has one of the most interesting jobs from anyone I know. The variety of projects he’s been involved have taken him to amazing places in the world, such as Borneo, different places around India and by the time of publishing this podcast, Zambia. He’s a great example of a person who has made a living of his passion.

What 200 Self Help Books have taught me on Productivity, Diet and Sex

Julkaistu 19.6.2016

Claudio Santori ( has reinvented himself more than any other person I know from self taught coder to TEDx speaker, from actor in a very famous tv commercial in Lithuania to entrepreneur, Claudio has been on a quest to find his best self since many years. His favourite tool? Books about self-improvement. In this episode we talk about a lot of different themes, including the best diets, dating, productivity tips, how to find your inner strength, when to find time to read and many many more. [1:31] Intro [7:50] First steps into self-improvement books [10:30] How he lost +10 kilos by changing his diet [17:00] The food pyramid was invented for the survival of a kingdom [20:00] A beginner’s mindset can help you become expert [24:08] How a broken heart and the death of his father have helped Claudio become a better person [27:30] "Double your dating" and other confidence exercises [34:10] Can you fail less thanks to reading? And how can you make reading a habit? [39:05] How your body and friends will sabotage you, protecting you from changing [43:40] The "pomodoro technique" or how to get shit done and Facebook less [47:00] The importance of self-improvement books [55:10] The problem is often not flying too high, but flying too low. [59:00] Strength finder 2.0 [01:02:40] Is talking about sex still a taboo? (yes) [01:07:07] Outro Claudio Goodreads list of books you must read: Dinglecast Links: Twitter: iTunes: Android:…68/sounds.rss Stitcher Radio: Blogs:

Experience Design The Next Business Revolution

Julkaistu 9.6.2016

“It shouldn’t be Experience Design, it should be Experience Strategy. And Experience Strategy is a process that never ends”. Patrick Zimmermann ( is an Experience Strategist from Cologne, Germany. He’s the author of several articles on Experience Design (EXD), among which “How “Experience Design” can create a more holistic “User Experience” In this episode we deconstruct his latest blog and all the different elements which make up Experience Design. [00:45] Intro [03:00] What is Experience Design [06:30] How the term “Design” is “Experience Design” is misleading [10:50] Patrick’s background and how he got into EXD [13:00] How Patagonia successfully designed a great core and peripheral experience [17:30] How to reach an holistic experience mindset [20:22] How hard it is to design a good experience? [25:20] Experiences can be subjective, holistic, situated and dynamic [29:30] How website add friction in order to increase the customer engagement Among the conclusions we reach during our discussion, we agree that experience design is rather a mindset than a skill set. In other words, EXD is an umbrella under which different skills are working together towards the goal of creating engaging experiences. It therefore becomes the role of the Experience Strategist to create this common understanding of the breadth and depth of experience and orchestrate the various disciplines towards the target of creating meaningful customer experiences. Books and articles mentioned in this episode: “How “Experience Design” can create a more holistic “User Experience” by Patrick Zimmermann “Experience driven Strategy – Placing the customer experience at the center of the organizational strategy” by Patrick Zimmermann “Business and design” (TALK) by Nathan Shedroff “The Experience Economy” by Joseph Pine II, James H. Gilmore*Version*=1&*entries*=0 “Experience Design: A Framework for Integrating Brand, Experience, and Value” by Patrick Newbery, Kevin Farnham*Version*=1&*entries*=0 “Experience Design: Technology for All the Right Reasons” by Marc Hassenzahl “Flow and the Foundations of Positive Psychology” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi “User Experience White Paper: Bringing Clarity to the Concept of User Experience” by Virpi Roto, Effe Law et al. Dinglecast Links: Twitter: iTunes: Android:…68/sounds.rss Stitcher Radio: Blogs:

How mindfulness can make you more productive (+10 minutes mediation exercise)

Julkaistu 4.4.2016

Mindfulness is "Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally”. It can change the way you live your life, including work and personal relationships. With mindful meditation you can increase focus, decrease stress, and stimulate your creativity. Mari Rasmus ( is here today to guide us through the reasons why you should start practicing daily. The episode main themes: [00:10] Intro [05:00] Mari big revelation moment after which she quit her daily job [9:20] What is mindfulness [12:05] The 4 main benefits of mindfulness [19:45] How can you start being mindful in your everyday life [23:10] The websites, apps, books and other ways to start mindfulness and meditations [27:35] How to get in touch with Mari & her blog [29:30] 10 minutes of mindful meditation Some of the benefits of mindfulness we discuss in the episode: 1-Meditation decreases stress 2-When you live mindfully, your immunity system react accordingly: studies show people get less sick 3-During meditation you can think of what really matters: it helps focusing and prioritising, both at work and at home 4-Mindfulness teaches you compassion and empathy, both very useful in personal relationships 5-In time of meditation, your creativity is stimulated My favourite quote from the episode: “We can spend our days going after likes and unread emails, but then we will miss the real life." - Mari Rasimus Useful links about mindfulness - (FIN) Hidaasta Elämää blog by Mari Rasimus: - for blogs and general information: Books about mindfulness we mention: - Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams & Danny Penman: - Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (And World Peace) by Chade-Meng Tan: - The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Ekhart Tolle: Any book by Jon Kabat-Zinn: (FIN) Mindfulness työssä - Tietoinen läsnäolo vapauttaa onnistumaan by Antti-Juhani Wihuri: Apps to get started with mindful meditation - Headspace, my favorite mediation app. It guides beginners and advanced mindful meditators alike: (FIN) Mindfulness by Leena Pennanen: Buddhify, a general easy to use meditating app: Dinglecast Links: Twitter: iTunes: Android:…68/sounds.rss Stitcher Radio: Blogs:

Facebook Live VS Periscope & Companies supporting LGBT communities

Julkaistu 11.3.2016

Is Facebook LIVE better than Periscope? How do you like them Facebook reactions? And what do we think of ads featuring gay couples? Welcome to Dinglecast. [1:02] How we doing [4:42] Facebook LIVE vs Periscope [10:26] How can brands can use Facebook LIVE or Periscope [14:28] Facebook has introduced reactions instead of just likes [20:35] More and more companies are taking a stand and showing their support to LGBT communities [27:40] Outro Useful links from this episode: Bloomberg: Inside Facebook decision to blow up the Like button: Adidas Valentine’s Day post on Instagram with two girls kissing: The ad from Finnmatkat with two guys on a deserted beach: You can find all complete links and videos of the episode here: Enjoy! Dinglecast Links: Twitter: iTunes: Android:…68/sounds.rss Stitcher Radio: Blogs:

DJ Khaled, snowboarding in NY and the Making a Murderer craze

Julkaistu 14.2.2016

Special guest today: or bud Valtteri ( We talk about: - DJ Khaled: a major key to success ??? - How did Casey Neistat snowboard video go viral? - Lemmy Kilmister: is it wrong to tribute a death person with such an ad? - Making a murderer, the latest Netflix case [spoiler free] You can find all complete links and videos of the episode here: Enjoy! Dinglecast Links: Twitter: iTunes: Android:…68/sounds.rss Stitcher Radio: Blogs:

Let's talk Digital Marketing: Dinglecast Season 2 Sneak Peak

Julkaistu 17.12.2015

Here we are, at the end of a very good year that has given us the new Star Wars movie and a whole Season of Dinglecast. Today we end the first season and we present to you the second one: Dinglecast goes Digital Marketing. We decided to have one theme throughout each episode and what do we know better than what we do every single day? Dinglecast Season 2 will be about Digital marketing and everything related to it, such as: How do you make your content go viral Periscope VS Snapchat Instagram best practices Secret to a great content plan Facebook advertisement and so on… They’ll be shorter and more to the point. Should brand have their own custom music? We start Season 2 today with a sneak peak. We ask ourselves if brands should have their own music as they have their own specific design and colours. As usual, let us know what you think about it on Twitter: Have a happy end of 2015 and see you next year! You can find all dinglecast blogs at

How to prepare and give a kick-ass presentation

Julkaistu 23.11.2015

Today we talk about about the art of presenting with Timo Sorri and Oscar Santolalla. Timo ( is a presentation designer, who "vaccinate people against death by power point”. Once management consultant, he had a wake up call after reading a book on the lost art of presenting. I find his blogs always very interesting and you can read them on the Havain blog Oscar ( is an expert in the art of presenting, public speaker, writer and host of Time to Shine podcast ( They are both member of Toastmasters International, an open club for anyone who wants to get better at public speaking and leadership. Here's the schedule of the episode: [2:18] Intro [6:45] Toastmaster International contest [11:00] The importance of preparing well before a presentation [16:30] The default structure of a sales presentation [19:00] Elon Musk’s Tesla Powerwall Keynote [27:00] Business leaders concentrate on numbers, not emotions [35:00] "The billboard test" or how to prepare great visuals [40:40] The technical demo presentation structure [48:00] What can we learn from TED talks [56:00] Speeches we love [1:00:10] Books about the Art of Presenting [1:04:55] Outro Quotes from the episode: “A quality of a good presentation is that you don’t feel like a presentation, but a discussion with your friends” (-Timo) "Don’t force your audience to multitask. They should be listening OR watching your slides” (-Oscar) "You can’t sell anything if you don’t build the need to change something first” (-Timo) "You need at least a holy shit moment" (-Timo) Useful links from the podcast (a lot, take your time!): Havain: Time to shine podcast: Toastmasters International: Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall Elon Musk’s Tesla Powerwall Keynote Dissected: Why You Should Watch it Before Your Next Technical Presentation Apple - iPhone Keynote 2007 Ten Commandments of a TED speech: TED talk: The trasformative power of classical music TED Talk: Body Language shapes who you are "I see something" Dananjaya Hettiarachchi World Champion of Public Speaking 2014 Mona Moisala about Creating brain friendly presentations (podcast): Books we mention: Puhevalta book (only in Finnish): Brain rules (John Medina): Vocal Power by Roger Love [audiobook]: Dinglecast Links: Twitter: iTunes: Android: Stitcher Radio: Blogs:

Has Slush Delivered This Year?

Julkaistu 16.11.2015

This year it was bigger. But was it better? We discuss about it with Tuomas from Useful links from this episode Slush: AidOne: Dinglecast Links: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher Radio: All Dinglecast podcasts blogs can be found at:

How To Win Young Cannes Lions

Julkaistu 8.11.2015

"Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new." Every year the best creatives in the world are awarded in the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Heta Kärki and Emmi Uusitalo have won the Young Lions Finland Marketers organised by Kärki Media and were sent to France to compete against the others young creatives from around the globe. In this episode of Dinglecast they tell us about how they won the Young Lions competition in Finland and they give good tips on how you can win in your country and join the bests of the bests in France next year. [2:48] The idea behind last year's victory [4:38] How the brief for Young Lions works [9:10] The rules for entering the Young Lions competition [13:15] How the Young Lions competition in Cannes works [16:20] The creative idea Heta and Emmi had to get an honourable mention in Cannes [22:26] The creative process, how it is and how it should be [33:15] Heta's previous experience in Cannes [36:00] Books we enjoy [45:00] Outro Useful links: Kärki Media Young Lion competition: Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto: Nanso Group: Books we mention: Open by Andre Agassi & J.R. Moehringer: Scandinavian Crime fiction: Dinglecast Links: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher Radio: All Dinglecast podcasts blogs can be found at:

Join the first mission to the Moon in 40 years

Julkaistu 27.10.2015

The last time anything was on the Moon it was the 1972. Part-Time Scientists (@ptscientists) have won the Google Lunar Prize in January this year to bring Audi Lunar Quattro, a rover, to the Moon. Their dream is only 384,400 km away, the distance from Earth to the Moon. If you are a geek, this Dinglecast episode is for you: we talk about science, jumping from space, the Moon, Mars, Elon Musk and SpaceX and finally, The Martian. QUOTE : "Today commercialization is supposed to make everything that exists better. But that way, you don't make anything new. Life can't just be about optimising things for capitalism!" [01:26] Intro to Part-Time Scientists [02:15] How to participate to Google Lunar Prize [06:25] Why have we not sent anything to the Moon in 40 years? [09:22] Felix Baumgartner was a cool stunt but he did not push any boundaries [13:38] Who cares about money. The real value is to inspire people. [16:00] On meeting Bill Gates [16:50] On Elon Musk and his SpaceX project to colonize Mars [18:45] Karsten Becker discusses his TEDx talk and NASA [22:00] What will happen on the Moon when the Audi Lunar Quattro rover arrives [32:12] The development of "Asimov the rover” and how having less experience helped them thinking outside the box [40:30] The Martian by Andy Weir, other sci-fi books and the Interstellar movie [46:28] Outro Useful links: Mission to the moon Part-Time Scientists on Twitter: Hell yeah, it’s rocket science! Facebook page (follow them! ;) Books we mention: The Martian by Andy Weir: The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Dinglecast Links: Twitter: Subscribe on iTunes: iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher Radio: All Dinglecast podcasts blogs can be found at:

What3Words is literally changing the world.

Julkaistu 30.9.2015

What3words is a giant grid of 57 trillion 3x3m squares that covers the entire globe. Each square has been been given an address: 3 simple words from the dictionary. People find it easy to remember three words. The use of words means non-technical people can communicate precise location quickly, easily and with less ambiguity than any other system. [1:40] Who is Giles Rhys Jones [2:20] What is What3Words and how the music business helped create it [9:20] How What3Words is changing the world by helping the third world [11:00] Some case uses and partnerships on how What3Words is being used [16:20] How does the future looks like for What3Words? [17:22] What3Words use with Glastonbury Festival and other brands [22:18] What3Words improves the first world as well [25:45] How winning a Grand Prix in Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity changed everything for What3Words [32:25] Outro Many people say they're changing the world, but there are actually doing it. Useful links: What3Words on Facebook: What3Words app App on iOS: What3Words app App on Android: Dinglecast on Twitter: All Dinglecast podcasts blogs can be found at: All feedback is welcome :)

Has BuzzFeed killed good journalism?

Julkaistu 10.9.2015

[00:30] Intro [01:08] The situation of the publishing industry in 2015 [07:40] Snapchat and Discovery, a new platform for publishers or a place for few? [12:00] Facebook instant articles: how they work [17:10] Case: Orange is the New Black content marketing campaign [23:50] The million dollar question: what is the best business model for publishers? [27:30] How will digital media impact education? [35:40] "The three questions" for Noora [40:20] Outro Noora Pinjamaa has been exploring the Role of Digital Platforms on the Future of the Media Industry for many years.In her academic research, she has looked into the evolution of the publishing business in order to create possible scenarios for its future. Recently there has been a lot of talk about what happens when digital platforms take a bigger slice of the media market. Snapchat Discover, Apple News and Facebook all want to provide quality content to their customers and at the same time ensure that they engage with their services as much as possible. Publishers still need to have a revenue streams, so what is the secret to a successful business model? What happens to online advertising when users are able to block most banner ads? What impact has the Buzzfeed model had on the publishing world and the quality of journalism? Have fun listening away! Noora on Twitter: Dinglecast Links: Twitter: iTunes: iTunes: Stitcher Radio: Blogs:

From private investigator to Apple: an interview with Sam Saunders

Julkaistu 26.8.2015

In this episode we talk with the talented Sam Saunders, probably The Most Interesting Copywriter in the World. Not only Sam was a consultant at Apple and a Cannes Lions speaker, in his career he has been an actor, a failed model, a private investigator and a rock band manager, among many other successful positions in the ad-world. From his home in New York, Sam discusses with us about his crazy life choices but also about his work-ethic and non-profit project for Oceanyc. He shares productivity secrets and some of his copywriting tips & tricks. Have fun listening, we had a lot of fun recording! Sam Saunders on Twitter: Oceanyc: Send us your love: Subscribe on iTunes:

Crowdfunding expert Tobyrich reveals Kickstarter secrets

Julkaistu 13.8.2015

Today we interview Tobias Dazenko from Tobyrich, an international company that specializes in the development of tech gadgets, such as smart controlled planes. Tobias talks about his experience with Kickstarter and has advices for everyone venturing into crowdfunding. Tobyrich was one of the companies involved in Power Up 3.0 campaign that raised more than $1 million. We will also talk about the life of a hardware company and how the press plays a major role in these companies. Check out the Kickstarter campaign: Tobyrich: If you have any question or want to suggest some topics reach out to us on twitter or send us an email [email protected] Have fun listening!

Apple Music, Snapchat, disconnect during Holidays

Julkaistu 2.7.2015

Last podcast before the holidays, we will come in August with a brand new song and exciting guests from Germany, Austria, Holland, US and Finland! Today we talk about the new Snapchat, Apple Music, how to disconnect (or not) from social media during holidays. Hosts: Simone Bocedi, Jukka Mäenpää Special guest: Sanna Nopanen

Cannes Lions Days 4 & 5 - David Guetta, Al Gore, What3Words, Heineken Creative Ladder

Julkaistu 27.6.2015

Day 04 and 05 in Cannes festival of Innovation and creativity. Partecipants: Simone Bocedi Juuso Jokinen Joona Alestalo Jukka Mäaenpää We talk about, how to become a better copywriter, the interviews with David Guetta, Monica Lewinsky, Al Gore and the Heineken Creative Ladder. Plus of course some bad jokes here and there.

Cannes Lions Days 2 & 3 - Jamie Oliver, Kim Kardashian, Pharrell Williams

Julkaistu 24.6.2015

Day 02 and 03 in Cannes festival of Innovation and Creativity. Partecipants: Simone Bocedi Juuso Jokinen Joona Alestalo Jukka Mäaenpää We talk about our experience the last two days, including the conferences of Jamie Oliver, Kim Kardashian, Pharrell Williams and Will.i.Am among others.

Cannes Lions Day 1 - The CEO of Snapchat, Marlyin Manson and Twitter

Julkaistu 22.6.2015

Day 01 in Cannes festival of Innovation and creativity. Partecipants: Simone Bocedi Juuso Jokinen Joona Alestalo Jukka Mäaenpää We talk about the speeches of Even Spiegel (CEO of Snapchat), Marlyin Manson, Twitter and Adobe.

Cannes Lions Day 0: arrival and expectations

Julkaistu 22.6.2015

Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity Day 0 A very short podcast about our arrival and what to expect from the festival.

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